The Gout Inheritance Pattern


Have you ever experienced waking up early to the agonizing moans of pain? Or maybe you woke up moaning because of the lingering pain. Well, I am referring about the gout attacks. Most probably, you or someone that you love is suffering from the torturous wickedness of gout. You may have even become petrified of the doctor’s claims about this particular condition. Well, it really is, with no doubt, gout is really a hard condition to fight.

There are some who claim that it is because of the foods they eat. Also, some say that the condition is hereditary. Really head scratching, isn’t it? You are deeply troubled with the fear that your child, grandchild and even your great grandchild’s children may suffer from the condition just because your ancestors did.

Doctors actually claim that gout is hereditary, even though as of the moment, there is no enough scientific knowledge that may prove the inheritance pattern of the condition. Nevertheless, there are some other genetic factors, which may cause gout. More precisely, these are the factors that may lead to uric acid buildup.

More frighteningly, they claim that gout has no cure at all. Nevertheless, there is. The cure for gout is real.

Hereditary Factors Affecting Gout

Firstly, you should bear in mind that gout is not inherited directly. As a matter of fact, in a nutshell, you don’t really inherit gout but the factors that contributes to it. All of these factors mainly contributes to the uric acid build up, which may in turn cause the fear of gout.

So, how does this uric acid cause gout?

Well actually, the normal acidity level of the blood is  about pH 7.4. If the acidity level upsurges, the body’s balance state will not be capable of excreting all of the acids in a simultaneous manner. Furthermore, there will be portions of them that may be stored temporarily in the interstitial fluids that surrounds the cells and the tissues. Also, if the levels of uric acid that’s building up is too high, some of them may be forced to seep much into the synovial fluids in between the joints. Sooner or later, the uric acid deposit in the joints will be crystallized. Once the immune system notices this build up, they will be regarded as the aliens to the body hence triggering the defense mechanism, which causes both the pain and the inflammation.

The Only Root Of Gout Is Uric Acid Build-Up.

Now that you have already known how the uric acid causes gout, here are some of the hereditary factors that may lead to gout.

  • Hereditary Organ Problems – these health problems include hereditary organ failure, diabetes and obesity.
    • Liver Failure – the liver is responsible for the metabolizing of the uric acid before it is goes into the kidney for the process of filtration. Therefore, if the liver starts to fail, the uric acid is dispersed into some other parts of the body, including the interstitial fluids mentioned earlier.
    • Kidney Failure – the kidneys filter the uric acid. Consequently, if we inherited the kidney failure, the excess uric acid will get an increase risk.
  • Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome – this is a genetic condition that results in the increased synthesis and reduced usage of purine. This condition may increase the risk of gout. Take note that in spite this syndrome, you may prevent gout unlike the hereditary health conditions that are directly inherited.
  • Inherited Diet Preference – the genes command the preferences, this includes how you choose what to eat. If your father eats stuff that causes the skyrocketing of uric acid, it’s more likely that your instinctive diet preference is the same. Therefore, it’s more possible that you’ll both suffer from gout.

The Cure for Gout

It is for a certain that the traditional doctors will present to you some ways to reduce the pain, including colchicine and painkillers. Unluckily though, this approach may cost you not only maintenance money but also various serious side effects. They‘ll deprive you of the opportunity to live a longer life. All of the medicines as well as the chemicals have levels of toxicity and acidity. The colchicine for example, may actually cause toxicity in the bone marrow, liver, as well as in the nerves. This will take effect soon but will become obvious in the long run.

Through the application of the laws of chemistry, one may arrive to the proposition that the alkaline neutralizes the acids. Therefore, we may intake ionized alkaline water to eradicate the uric acid. Through this particular approach, not only the uric acid level in your body will begin to drop, but also the process of Hyperuricemia may be reversed.

Even though the reversal may take up to a year. Nevertheless, an exact shot against the target will be better than the endless cycle of consuming the maintenance meds. Getting rid of the problem once and for all is a thousand folds better than the temporarily patch maintenances.


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