The Different Ways On How To Relieve Gout In Just 2 Hours


In relieving gout, you don’t have anyone to compete with. You are not in a race. You don’t have any time limit or a ticking bomb that may explode when the time runs out. This isn’t a job where you’ll get a deduction from your own salary if you’re late. Nonetheless, there are some who suffer from the condition that wishes to hurry. And that, actually, is an understandable thing. We know that nobody wants to suffer from any of the worse complications of gout. Here is where the mission to relive gout in a short while comes in.

In this article, you will get to know about the different ways on how to relieve gout in just 2 hours or maybe lesser than that. Read on and know them all!


It is with no doubts that the colchicine is one of the fastest of all the gout medications available. If you take it, it will act instantly on your body and on your condition. The pain will be gone, and the same with the inflammation. It will take less than just an hour for the colchicine to work. Nevertheless, it’s a kind of prescription medication and you will not be able to purchase it over-the-counter. You cannot just go walking into your local pharmacy and buy a box of the medicine. You know why? Well, this is because the colchicine is a poison. Yes, I mean, it is literally a poison. Colchicine is, as a matter of fact, a biotoxin. Take the wrong dose and then you’ll die. If it will end up in the eyes, you’ll get blind, that is if you’re lucky enough to not die from it.

Warm Water Bath

If you are going to soak your affected joints in a pail with warm water, it will be of a great help for the condition. In fact, the relaxing sensation that it brings about is what makes it good. Nevertheless, it’s not as fast as the cold water bath. However, it could be suitable for a gout pain relief in just 2 hours. Additionally, the warm water bath is a perfect hostility to the crystallization of the uric acid. The cooler the setting, the faster will the crystallization be. In contrast, the warmer it is the longer period it will take for the uric acid to crystallize! Henceforth, you must soak your joints in the warm water not just to get the gout pain relief in 2 hours, you should also soak it every now and then to help melt the uric acid crystal!

Cold Water Bath

You can soak your affected joints in a pail that has an ice-cold water for several minutes until it is numbed. This is one very cheap way of relieving the gout pain. Additionally, it is also very fast, as a matter of fact, it might be much faster than the colchicine. You’ll just be needing a pail of water, some ice that’s it!

The gout pain relief in just 2 hours or it might be lesser! You don’t have to go to your doctor for this treatment. Furthermore, you also don’t have to go to the pharmacy. All of these facts make the cold water bath for gout a tempting gout pain reliever. however, there is a negative side for all these benefits. In fact, gout may get worse. This is because the cold water is the perfect component for the waning of gout.


NSAIDs or the Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs are also called the good anti-inflammatories. It takes less than two hours for it to work in the body. Additionally, most of them can be bought over-the-counter even without any prescription thus they are good for emergency purposes. Desolately, excessive dependence on the NSAIDs may lead to a worsened renal function.

Moreover, the NSAIDs constrain cyclooxygenase enzyme, the enzyme that is responsible for the pain and the inflammation. Unluckily, the NSAIDs are connected with the hemodynamics of the kidneys. Therefore, hindering them may lead to much slower blood flow to the kidneys hence leading to the reduced filtration power. Additionally, the cyclooxygenase is the ones that are responsible for the maintenance of the stomach’s epithelium. As a result, preventing those means the stomach will get damaged. This may lead to stomachache, ulceration, as well as gastrointestinal bleeding.


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