The Detailed Side Effects Of Progout


The progout is the brand name for the medication, allopurinol. It is actually popular in Australia, and in other parts of the world. Furthermore, it is a medication that is almost in parity with a magic elixir that’s capable of reducing the levels of uric acid in just a minute or two. Nevertheless, how magical really is it? Well, actually, the progout is no mystic. There is a certain trick to its own magic. Unluckily though, this particular trick may cause some severe consequences.

This article wishes to explain the side effects of progout in a more detailed manner. This will be no rocket science class. Thus, there is no need to be alarmed. We will be eliminating the unnecessary details, so it’ll be easier for you.

Progout: What is it?

The progout, in generic term is allopurinol. It actually falls under the category of drugs known as the Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors. Furthermore, it is a medication that is beneficial in treating gout and hyperuricemia. It’s also recommended for those who go through chemotherapy. Whatever condition that involves uric acid, the progout will be of a great help in treat it. Wait, can it really do that? Let’s see!

Atypically, the side effects of progout may worsen gout and uric acid conditions! You know how? Well, the answer actually lies in the way that it handles the uric acid.

The Mechanism Of Progout

The progout, allopurinol as well as the xanthine oxidase inhibitors, generally share the very same mechanism. They inhibit the xanthine oxidase. Despite the fact that this may sound a bit daunting, it’s really easy to understand. First, we must discuss why uric acid exists.

The uric acid, as we know, is the byproduct when the purine is broken down. The purine is a macromolecule that’s important to the body. The mind that you use in digesting all of these facts and how the progout is not a pro at all, will not exist without the purine. There is no denying that purine is the building blocks of the DNA, in fact, every cell in the body have a DNA. You are built of cells, thus you’re a walking block of purine. The importance of purine actually signifies that it’ll not be considered trash by the body and will not be flushed out. Just as any other valuable macromolecules, it’ll be filtered by the kidneys to yield it to the bloodstream.

Always remember that the purine is a significant macromolecule, and it is not therefore flushed out of the body.

In order to convert purine into uric acid, it must bond with the Xanthine Oxidase enzyme. This is now where the progout comes in to devastate the balance of the body. The progout will bond with the xanthine oxidase so that, there will be no xanthine oxidase that may bond with the purine. Therefore, there will be no purine to be converted into uric acid! The uric acid will drop like a magic. This is now where the side effects of a progout kick in.

Can you recall the first point? The purine will not be flushed out in the form of purine. This just means that for as long as you don’t convert it into uric acid, it’ll stay right there. The purine will accrue. The liver will keep on pumping the xanthine oxidase unsuccessfully. Since all allopurinol is being consumed, all of those purine that you held will then be converted into uric acid in rush. No doubt why the progout causes some severe gout attacks. The uric acid rush may also cause the uric acid kidney stones. The uric acid kidney stones form in the event that the uric acid in the kidney already reaches the saturation point. The saturation point is the point wherein the uric acid is excessive for the bloodstream. This crystal may actually cause damage to the kidney or may reduce the filtration rate in a relatively not-so-damaging way.

The liver may also get devastated since it is exploited to no purpose.

Moreover, the rush of the uric acid may also harm the endothelial cells in a very rushed manner. Thus causing an endothelial dysfunction. As the endothelium is the ones responsible for the maintenance of the blood pressure through contraction and the widening, harming it may cause either or hypotension hypertension.


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