The Connection Between Meat, Diabetes and Gout


There is no denying that for some, food is life. Well, who wouldn’t like to eat delicious delicacies, and sweet foods. However, if you get an illness like diabetes, it is undoubtable that the list of the foods you want to eat will be trimmed down. We know that sugar is one of the worst enemies of those who has diabetes. Well, this isn’t the only thing to think about when it comes to diabetes. One thing that mat have a connection with the condition is gout. When both gout and diabetes attack you, you will be left with nothing… literally, you will not be allowed to eat various kinds of food. This is the reason why having a well-maintained diet is very important.

However, the gout diet is hard to maintain, the same is true with the diabetes diet. What more if both diets is combined? In this article, you will get to know about the keys to effective and diabetes and gout diet.

What’s the key? Moderation.

Before you proceed and get rid of all the meats in your own fridge, here is a disclaimer: there is no need for you to get rid of meat in your diet. You will not totally avoid eating meat.

Meat and Gout

It is a very popular fact that hyperuricemia and gout patients must avoid meat. This is not based on any superstitious belief –it is a fact. The science that is behind it lies mainly on the metabolic pathway of purine.

Actually, purine is a protein, which plats a significant role in developing the cells of the DNA. That very role is very significant, in a sense that the DNA by itself is composed of purine. Unluckily, there might be times that no matter how much you wanted to use that purine, your body will not allow you to.

Just like any other proteins, purine is a large molecule. Thus, you can’t get rid of it by means of urinating, as they will fail the filtering in the kidney. This just means that purine must be reduced in size. This is by way of breaking it down into uric acid. There is no need to say that an excessive amount of purine may lead to the excessive amount of uric acid too.

Over the course of the time, the uric acid may accumulate in the body, up to a certain point where they already affect the pH level of the bloodstream. This is very bad for the overall health. the body needs to improvise one more time by way of storing the uric acid temporarily in the places where it’s not supposed to be, just like in the synovial fluid in the joints. Because of synovial fluids’ low solubility, there is a tendency that it will crystalize over a period of time, thus leading to gout. Moreover, the uric acid crystal will get assaulted by the body as it is recognized as a foreign object. This is now where the inflammation and pain come in. The uric acid crystal may settle over a period of time. However, if it is disturbed then gout attack may occur once again.

Since meats are so rich in purine, they are a big no.

Meat and Diabetes

In the long run, everything that gives you energy will become glucose. This includes the meat as well. However, this is not the reason may have assumed or thought about. The uric acid may get worse just like how it can make gout worse. This is because the uric acid is a type of acid. It may induce the insulin resistance to the cells, therefore making your diabetes worse. Furthermore, the exposure to the uric acid may ruin the cell walls. And since the receptors are in the cells walls, they may crumble into uselessness.

Thus eating meat is equal to uric acid, which is also equivalent to the cell wall corrosion. This corrosion will be equal to insulin resistance, and this is what makes diabetes much worse.


It is quite ironic that after explaining all of those aforementioned things above, it is still safe to say that you should not totally get rid of meats in your diet. Why? Well, this is because your body needs protein. Eliminating meat totally, will be a total mess for your body.


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