The Connection Between Gout And Food Addiction


One of the reasons why gout takes place is food addiction. This is one of the most powerful reasons contributing to the condition. In spite of having all the best intentions, you may still find yourself eating huge amounts of unhealthy foods regardless of the fact that it really causes you harm. How is it so? Well, this has something to do with the brain. This is actually the very same way that drug addicts are getting addicted to drugs. Same way with the alcoholics getting addicted to alcohol. Food addiction really affects the very same areas in the brain, thus involving very similar areas in the brain. This involves the very same neurotransmitters as well as some other symptoms that are identical. Read on to this article and you’ll know about the connection between gout and food addiction.

How does Food Addiction work?

The foods high in sugar or salt as well as the processed foods, for instance, have a potent effect as to what we call the incentive centers of the brain. These involve neurotransmitters, just like the dopamine. Having an addiction, to Coca-Cola, for instance, isn’t actually about having a lack willpower or something at that, it is actually caused by the strong signal of dopamine that hijacks the real biochemistry of the brain. To those who suffer from gout, I tell you, there are lots of studies that suggest, food addiction is really a problem and not just a pseudo-science.

Symptoms of Food Addiction

Have you ever experienced having a craving for cake, ice cream, or for something that is salty? Well, actually, frequent cravings for various foods are one of the major symptoms of food addiction. Some other symptoms of it may include eating a food to the extent that you will feel excessively bloated. As well as eating more of the food than you are intended to eat.

Another symptom of food addiction is feeling guilty. This is because you already know that what you ate is not good for the health. Furthermore, you also make various excuses about why you should eat. You know what happens? Actually, you feel incapable of controlling the consumption of all these waste foods. This is in spite the fact that you already know that this particular food causes you various harm, not to mention the weight gain.

Do you feel some guilt that you frequently hide your own healthy eating habits from the others? If you said yes, then you are really addicted to various unhealthy foods that are high in sugar, fat, and sodium. These are most likely processed.

This is actually the reason why 7 of 10 Americans are on the various type of prescription drugs, food addiction may really cause a lot of physical harms. This may lead to some serious conditions like diabetes gout, cancer, obesity, arthritis, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and some other conditions. This is actually a serious condition that may ruin lives and may kill thousands of people every year. Food addiction is just as bad as some other drug addiction, whether it is cocaine, crystal meth, or heroin. A lot of people have already died in their 40s and 50s because of bad eating habits.

Food Industry Is Equal To Drug Pushers

The food industry works so hard in order to hook you –almost like a drug pusher. In fact, they excel in hitting the sweet spot of making you crave even more on foods when they are testing their products and prepare for the market. This is the reason why if you look at food labels, you will notice that most of the foods are high in sodium or sugar.

Actually, the food industry really wants you to get used to the high sugar levels to be able to feel satisfied. So that you can come back and buy more of it. The truth is that you will be back. They have spent millions of dollars on researching how to make foods even more addictive so they may increase the profits.

Suggestions To Quit Food Addiction

Here are some suggestions if you want to quit food addiction:

  • Watch your emotions.
  • Exercise regularly to create a positive effect in the body.
  • Learn to eat when you are hungry
  • Restore sensitivity to various flavors through eating lesser harmful foods
  • Retrain the brain through the reduction of the portion size
  • Limit temptation through the avoidance of some of the most favored restaurants
  • Control what you buy in grocery stores

Watch what you eat. Just like what the saying goes, “you are what you eat”. There is a consequence in that food that you eat excessively. Watch your consumption and be free from any future conditions.


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