The Connection Between Gout And Apples


There is this one saying that almost all people know. I am talking about the famous, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” But we can reverse this when it comes to gout, because an apple a day, does not keep gout at bay.

Well, gout inflicts all kinds of weird and mysterious stuff to gout sufferers. What sort of disease will cause all its victims to avoid such delicious fruits and vegetables? It is just gout. Truly, it is very ironic.

This article wishes to explain one ironic thing –the connection between gout and the apples. Read on to this and learn more!

The Connection Between Apple and Gout

If there are cherries for gout, there are also apples for gout. Well, there are many other possibilities here. Those who suffer from gout atypically are the good targets for the fruit industry. Both the apple cider vinegar and the vinegar are actually believed to be worthy of the term, uric acid reducer. However, sadly, that isn’t always the case. Apples are actually not good for the condition. It is the other way around. It is the apple industry who benefits from those who suffer from the condition.

Therefore, what is the reason why do people think that the apples are really good for gout? Read on below to know the reasons why.

It has low purine content

Apples are amazingly low in purine content, this is why they say it’s good for gout. Now, think of this particular matter, is a poison that’s only 50% poisonous not a poison anymore? Does it make you live much longer? Actually, yes, it’ll take twice the time in order to kill you. However, a poison no matter what is quantity, is still a poison.  The same goes for the purine content of the apple. Having less purine will not help in treating gout. But still, this less purine is not bad for the condition. Purine is what is being broken down into uric acid. The uric acid is what forms the crystals. It is the crystals, which will give you the frightening pain and lingering inflammation. Hence, apples, in terms of purine, are in the neutral side. They will not cause any harm for gout. However, it’ll not help you too. Eating apples for gout just because it’s low in purine content doesn’t do any good yet does no harm as well.

Apples are high in Vitamin C

One more undeniable thing is that apples are so high in vitamin C. Hypothetical to be, apples may flush the uric acid out due to it’s rich uric acid content. Some arithmetic studies suggested this, just like the study by Choi et al. bear in mind that it’s just a statistical study. Think of it like this: in our own place, people who cross an intersection when the stop light is green, signaling the vehicles to go had much fewer accident occurrences than to those who cross it when the traffic light is in red. Is it okay to conclude that it’s much safer to cross the road as the vehicles are speeding? I don’t think this is the case. Yet still, statistical research has already proven their own worth so many times before.

Apples have bioflavonoids

Apples contain bioflavonoids, including anthocyanin. The red skin color of the apple is what says it all. Thought to be, the bioflavonoids. These bioflavonoids are thought to reduce the level of uric acid via acting like an allopurinol via the xanthine oxidase inhibition. That was already proven in vitro. Conversely, with regards to the human body, it is only 5% bioavailable. Additionally, it may inhibit the aldehyde oxidase. Because of the fact that the aldehyde oxidase is a mysterious enzyme, prying with it is actually quite a risk. All we know is that it’s involved in the granting drugs sanction to the body. Therefore, it may cause an overdose as the body will be very hypersensitive to the drugs or it may render the medications that you take inoperable.

Luckily, the anthocyanin is just 5% bioavailable. There is nothing bad about it, and nothing good as well. Thus far, eating apples for gout will be useless.


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