The Connection Between Gout And Alcoholic Beverages


It is very typical that we avoid the things that gave us problems. Well, most especially diseases. Are you suffering from diabetes? Avoid eating sugar-rich foods! Unluckily, however, there is this common misconception that eluding all of these factors is actually a treatment method already.

Alongside the prayer that wishes gout to vanish by itself, those who suffer from gout who drinks beer and some other alcoholic drinks avoids all those beverages. Unluckily, this particular prayer will typically go unrequited.

This article wishes to explain the reason why avoiding alcoholic drinks alone is not sufficient in treating gout. Continue reading on to this article to know more.

Beer: Why is it bad for those who suffer from gout?

Gout, as we know is the uric acid crystallization in the joints. A condition that’s mainly characterized by the kinked metabolism of the uric acid. This may end up in uric acid in the blood. Those who suffer from gout may either produce too many levels of uric acid. Furthermore, most frequently, their kidneys will be incapable of removing the uric acid. There are some possible consequences in the uric acid buildup in the body. This may take in kidney stones, acute and chronic gout attacks, and many more.

When the uric acid crystallizes, the body launches some autoimmune responses. Bearing in mind that the crystal is a foreign substance. Therefore, the pain, as well as the inflammation starts to kick in. The main culprit here is the uric acid.

Now, let’s try to answer the question. “Is beer rich in uric acid?” Well, no it’s not rich in uric acid. However, it is rich in purine. If you don’t know yet, purine is the source of the uric acid, which causes gout attacks.

The body somehow needs purine, but not in excess amount. Therefore, a big percentage of the purine can be broken down into uric acid that is to be exerted. Furthermore, purine cannot be expelled in its normal form. Thus, it must be broken down first, therefore, almost all the purine in the beer must be broken down into the uric acid.

The seed…

For instance, let’s say you stop drinking beer. The uric acid will not fluctuate up anymore. Unluckily, the tophaceous deposit, or the uric acid crystal, will not lose its size easily, the same goes with the volume. This is because the uric acid has a very low solubility in the body. this just means that it’ll most likely to nit dissolve on itself.

Moreover, the situation is far worsened by its own exponential growth. Firstly, there is a very small chance of developing a uric acid crystal. This is mainly because the uric acid will not typically end up in the synovial fluids on the joints. Unluckily, the uric acid will end up being planted unto the synovial fluids if you got too much uric acid and some other acids on the body. The main reason about this that the pH levels of the bloodstream must be balanced. Since too many acids in the body may upset this particular balance, it must cope up by way of temporarily storing the acids that are not excreted into the interstitial space. And then eventually in the synovial fluids.

This will then improve the chance of developing a uric acid crystal. When the volume finally reaches the saturation point, the small seed crystal will form. A single seed crystal has a very small chance of growing. This is since the chance of randomly colliding with the other uric acid molecule is quite small.

However, as the seed crystals accumulate and grow slowly in size, the chance of colliding with the random uric acid crystal molecule is way larger. Therefore, the growth can be exponential. The larger seed crystal, the faster that it grows.

The truth…

The sad truth is that even though you try treating the condition, if you use wrong treatment, it will not go away. The medications for gout does nothing very beneficial. For example, allopurinol will not be able to flush the uric acid out, however, it will pause its production. Even the colchicine, it will not be able to lower the uric acid. In the actual fact, it will just cause a bunch of side effects. The cost will just outweigh the benefits of both the medications.


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