The Connection Between Erectile Dysfunction and Gout


Gout, being a condition is an agonizing experience already. Not just that, if some other illnesses come interacting with it, the condition may get worse. One condition that may compound with it is the erectile dysfunction. In the actual fact, it can make life a living hell for those who suffer from gout. Various studies regarding this issue have already been conducted. And there are some more that are on-going. These studies may clearly show the correlation between erectile dysfunction and gout.

In this article, you will get to explore what has already been discovered about the aforementioned two conditions. How do they interrelate? Read on to know!

Erectile Dysfunction and Gout: The Causes

Gout, as we know, is a form of arthritis that is usually due to the excessive uric acid in the body that crystallizes. This will go to the joints and leads to a very painful flare up. On the other hand, the erectile dysfunction is the incapability of a man to sustain or have an erection.

The concern regarding the erectile dysfunction and gout having any relationship actually stems from the point that both of the conditions share various factors, which may predispose one in getting affected by the other one. To be more specific, erectile dysfunction and gout have various similarities. Especially when it comes to their causes. This is now what makes people think that when a particular person has gout, then they already are at risk of having erectile dysfunction or vice versa.

The prejudicing factors that we are saying here may include hypertension, obesity, aging, as well as diabetes. Do you want to know what do various studies say about gout and ED? Continue reading on!

Erectile Dysfunction and Gout: Studies Say…

There are various recent medical studies and findings regarding the increased risk of acquiring erectile dysfunction and gout. Before we go through the specifics of the results, it is significant to take note that the erectile dysfunction usually affects the older men and it may be due to countless conditions. This includes the constriction of the blood vessels, high cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure among the others. Spontaneously, the age group that’s being affected by the  ED is also the bracket that’s commonly affected by gout.

In 2017, a recent study on ED and gout found that those who are suffering from gout who are on their own gout medications have about 29% increase in the risk of getting erectile dysfunction. Moreover, it is also clear in the study that there’s a growing proof that the two conditions have a connection with each other. Even though this and some other studies have inferred a connection between the two conditions, it is not yet proven that the condition may lead to ED.

Erectile Dysfunction and Gout: Their Relationship

We already know that the main culprit when talking about gout is the uric acid. It has already become a very interesting factor when tackling sex disorders like the erectile dysfunction. To those who are suffering from gout, the excessive levels of uric acid build up and get dumped on the joints in the form of crystals, which may then cause an intense pain.

In the actual fact, the relation between the erectile dysfunction and gout comes from the fact that the uric acid is strongly in connection with the endothelial dysfunction, microvascular disease, and hypertension. All of these conditions are actually the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, if they are in connection with the uric acid, then the uric acid must also have a part to play in triggering ED.

One more explanation on how the uric acid causes ED is that the high levels of the uric acid are actually a risk factor for the endothelial dysfunction. This is actually a condition that affects the tissues that are in the blood vessels. Whatever condition affecting the endothelium may have an impact on the smooth blood flow in the blood vessels.

Moreover, remember as well that patients who are suffering from gout may also experience painful sex because of the pain. Additionally, the uric levels may surge up because of the deficiency in vitamin D and stress. These may contribute to ED.

Gout and Viagra

There is no recommendation that gout patients should resort to Viagra in enhancing their own sexual performance. This is mainly because using the medication may increase the chance of more gout flare-ups. Furthermore, some more side effects of the Viagra may include dehydration, thirst, and edema. These may actually cause some dramatic problems for those who are suffering from gout. If a person is suffering from gout and is scared of acquiring ED, the best thing to do is to avoid any forms of steroids. Not just that, he should also consult his doctor for the proper medication and solution for the condition.


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