The Best Cherry Juice for your Gout


Suffering from gout is really painful. And you must be looking for alternatives to ease the pain and the inflammation. In the process, you may also come across with the different types of juices. And these types of juices can help you relieve the pain of the gout symptoms. Cherry juice is one of the best picks. Try it and experience the best results for yourself.

As we know, gout patients are drinking cherry juice. They drink it to cure the painful symptoms of gout. But, we understand that there are doubts and questions such as, “Is cherry juice really effective for gout symptoms?” or “What can be the best type of cherry juice for gout patients?”

This article is for you to have answers. This article is to answer your doubts and questions.

What is ‘Best’ for you?

It is a common question. And we understand that you only want what you think is best for you. We do not want to be deceived by other people by thinking we have the best kinds when we don’t. But, what does it really mean to be the best? More importantly, what best are we talking about?

Let us try to define it. Best is when it is better than the other contenders. But, does it also mean that it is a good idea? Let us try and think of this scenario, three men jump from a high building. The first man jump from the 100th floor. The second man jump from the 200th floor. And the third man jumps from the 300th floor. For you, which is the best suicide choice? Although all of them will surely die, the man who jumps from the 100th building is much faster compared to the two. But, we do not recommend you to try it.

Let us get back to the cherry juice. The best cherry juice for the gout symptoms does not mean the cherry juice is very effective. We will not discuss if the cherry juice is effective for gout. But, you can read the effects of cherry juice on gout symptoms.

The powerful effects of Cherries

We can choose the best cherry on the anthocyanin content that it has. The anthocyanin amount is the criteria to choose the cherry for you. It is because anthocyanin gives cherry its power.

Anthocyanin is the pigment that gives the leaves and the fruits their red color. That is why, when you choose for the best cherry, you should pick the reddest cherries.  It is because the reddest has the higher amounts of anthocyanin.

And Tart Cherries is the best cherry juice for your gout symptoms. Compared to tart cherry, Sweet and black cherries have lower amounts of anthocyanin. And now, you might ask, “What can the Cherry juice do for Gout?”

Similar to allopurinol, anthocyanin can act as xanthine oxidase inhibitor. This can lower the amount of uric acid in the body temporarily. Anthocyanin also has anti-inflammatory effects that make it effective against the gout symptoms.

The sad thing is that only 5% of anthocyanin can enter the bloodstream of the body. Imagine if there are 20 cherries that contains 25mg of anthocyanin and only 1.5mg can be used by the body. In addition, if you add cherry juice to your medications, it can only make your medications useless. It is because anthocyanin restrains an enzyme that that is responsible to clear the drugs in the body.

Because of that, there are two possible effects on the body. Either you will overdose or become resilient. The reason is that the medicine does not grant clearance to the bloodstream of the body. On the latter, your body can take a high dosage of allopurinol and it cannot overdose you. But, it does not have positive results as well.


We can say that the best type of cherry juice for gout patients is tart cherry juice. But, we cannot rely on just the cherry juice itself. Because it is not effective enough to cure gout symptoms. If you still doubt it, you can try it at your own risks. But, we can say that you will not get enough benefits from cherries for your gout.


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