The Amazing Effects of Turmeric on Gout Symptoms


Have you heard that Turmeric can cure gout? Can it be that turmeric can cure Alzheimer’s disease? Have you also heard that Turmeric can dementia and anything that inflammatory? Turmeric can cure it.

Turmeric is from the same family of ginger. In addition, Turmeric has a lot of health benefits. Because of the benefits, you may be tempted to try the different recipes with Turmeric.

However, we understand that you doubt the benefits of Turmeric. You may also want to know the scientific explanation of its benefits. Moreover, the most of all, you probably want to know if Turmeric can cure Gout.

This article will answer your questions and doubts about the incredible of health benefits of Turmeric.

To answer your questions about Turmeric

Although Turmeric is not yet verified to cure gout, they are doing studies about it. In general, Turmeric does not have supported evidence and scientific studies to prove its health benefits.

The Amazing Turmeric Spice

You probably want to know what Turmeric can do.  Moreover, why they say that Turmeric can cure gout.

It is because Turmeric contains curcumin. Moreover, curcumin is a substance that can provide the health benefits of Turmeric. Nevertheless, do you know why Curcumin is important? It is because curcumin can react with xanthine oxidase. In addition, xanthine oxidase is the substance that is responsible to break down the purine into uric acid. It is the same with the effects of the allopurinol. They also find out that it can react with different substances to do different things. One of the best effects of Curcumin is its anti-cancer properties.

There is other research about the properties of Curcumin. However, most of them are not honest and the sad thing is that the research was used for citation.

In addition, people are curious to why Turmeric can react with different substances. Compared to other medications, Curcumin reacts in the body randomly. As an example, allopurinol only affects the xanthine oxidase. However, Curcumin can react with anything in your body even if it does not reach the xanthine oxidase yet. In addition, sadly, it is worse than allopurinol.

In vitro, the curcumin can restrain a huge number of epigenetic enzymes. The epigenetic enzymes are consist of the arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase. These enzymes are related to inflammation and pain. However, sadly, the capabilities of Curcumin in test tubes is not the same with its effects on the body. Curcumin has a low bioavailability because it has a low half-life and a high reactivity. On the other hand, there is research that suggests taking curcumin with piperine to raise its bioavailability. We also suggest giving it a go to see if curcumin really works.

Does Curcumin Cheat the body?

Although there are thousands of studies about curcumin, it is still doubtful. Others think that because it is a cheater.

There is review wherein, the paper summarizes the lack of honesty of curcumin. Curcumin reacts with random biological targets and it is a Pan-assay interference compound. If Pan-assay interference compound is left in a test tube with a chemical, it can surely react. There are also instances wherein Pan-assay interference compound shows evidence of reaction when in fact there is nothing. Because of that, even if it reacts with xanthine oxidase, it does not guarantee effects. It does not mean that curcumin can treat gout or lower the level of uric acid in the body. It is also because curcumin reacts on every substance in the body. It cannot specifically target xanthine oxidase.

The Best Scenario for Turmeric and Gout

Let us say that turmeric can really do wonders for our health and in the body. Let us think that it can gain unbelievable intelligence that it can eliminate itself from the Pan-assay interference compound category. When that happens, it can specifically target xanthine oxidase.

Will it also mean that it can reverse hyperuricemia conditions and gout symptoms? Unfortunately, it cannot. It can only lower the level of uric acid temporarily. Because it is only temporary, if the purine is not broken down, it cannot be discharged from the body. Because the purine is not broken down into uric acid. This also means that the uric acid pool cannot decrease its level. Only the uric acid in the urine can decrease. There is only a delay in the production of uric acid and not a solution.


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