Sugar And Gout: What Is Their Connection?


Almost every food that pleases our eyes and palate has this one ingredient that can make us come back more. I am talking about sugar. May it be a freezing delicious ice cream to beat the heat of the sun, or a slice of cake to give to your loved ones or to satisfy your cravings, there is and there will always be sugar on it. This is what never fails them to tickle the reward system of our brain.

However, there is a bitter twist about sugar. Sometimes, we indulge ourselves in the overconsumption in spite the fact that we already know that it is not healthy for us. I think, we all heard of it. The sugars and carbs can be very bad for the health when taken in large volumes. Even just the thought that the sugar may cause diabetes, obesity, and hypertension is not new to us. Now, here’s another thing: sugar can trigger gout attacks!

In this article, you will get to know how sugar can trigger the flare-ups that gout may bring.

Misconception on Sugar and Gout

If you search on Google about it, you may stumble upon numerous blogs pertaining to gout. Typically, they advise those who suffer from gout to stay away of fructose, and that the table sugar is just fine. There are some who believe that to some extent, fructose may trigger gout attacks. Unluckily, however, it is so wrong. Firstly, not only the fructose but the sucrose as well may cause gout attacks. Secondly, the main reason isn’t entirely indefinite because there are some logical explanation that’s behind it that people fail to look at.

Sugar: It is Acidic

The table sugar or sucrose is theoretically neither a base nor an acid. However, in the end it may end up increasing the acid production. So, what is really the big deal about the acids? Can it be the acidosis?

The acidosis is the condition of having excessive levels of acids in the body. it is actually the number two enemy of those who suffer from gout. Excessive levels of acid slows down the uric acid excretion. Furthermore, acidosis is so unhealthy for the body. This is for the reason that it reduces the pH levels of the blood. Therefore, the live ones make sure that the pH levels of the blood is in balance. It must excrete not only the uric acid, but also the other acids. Hence, the more that you accumulate acids, the lesser the uric acid that will be flushed out of the body. Thus, this may cause hyperuricemia and gout. If you are already suffering from gout, the condition may get worse. Both the inflammation and pain may get worse.

Although sugar is not capable of causing acidosis by itself, may contribute to the acidic buildup in the body. It is actually neutral in nature. However, in a very large scale, it may become acidic. Just like honey for instance, which is approximately 4-5 pH… very acidic, indeed! However, it is not the acidic capacity of the sugar that you must be worried about. It is its own capability to give a boost in the production of some other acids in the body.

Moreover, various types of cells may use lactate. However, in general, it is considered as a toxic byproduct and acidic, as it may cause some fatal lactic acidosis. With so much lactate in the body, the attention of the liver will then be divided into the elimination of uric acid, and the elimination of lactate.

Lactate may be converted back to glucose at the outlay of the additional energy. When it happens, the liver will become so busy to be effective in eliminating the uric acid. This will then improve the chance of some random uric acid molecules, which may end up in the gouty joint. If the molecules fuse with the crystals, it may trigger a gout attack.


In contrast to the popular belief, sugar may trigger the gout attacks. They’ll be metabolized with the lactate as its byproduct. The presence of the lactate may reduce the overall excretion rate of the uric acid and the urinary tract. Therefore, the serum uric acid may accumulate thus increasing the degree and risk of gout attacks.

It is wiser that you eat carbs and sugars in moderate amounts only, most especially if you are suffering from gout. Note, it should just be in moderation. Because after all, you still need a source of glucose on your body.


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