Spinal Gout: Can This Be Real?


Have you experienced gout in various parts of your body? Well, gout doesn’t the only attack on the feet, on the ankle, or in the knees. Actually, may also affect the eyes, and even the spine. Yes, you’ve read it right, it may attack your spine. There is no need to say that the condition can be very damaging for the spine.

There is no doubt that gout may happen in almost every part of the body. in fact, it may happen virtually anywhere, as long as the condition has already met the criteria for the condition. This is just like a terrorist that is striking fear in the most unforeseen areas at the most unforeseen times.

This article wishes to tackle on one of the most unexpected and very destructive forms of gout. Spinal gout. Well, even just hearing or reading its name, it can already give you chills. So read on to this article to know more about the condition.

Is it possible to have gout in the spine?

In the actual fact, it isn’t just possible. Gout in the spine really happens. There are various cases all over the world who experience gout in their lumbar spine, as well as in the thoracic spine. All of these cases are moderately old now. Just envisage the number of those who suffer from the condition today.

The Lumbar Spine

The human spine is an important foundation of the body’s nervous and skeletal system. As a matter of fact, it is very complex in nature. It is actually composed of 24 vertebrae, and are advance classified into various sections. The lumbar spine is located near the bottom, before the coccyx and the sacrum.

Furthermore, each of the vertebrae is adjoined by the facet joints that are then condensed by the “joint capsule”. The joint capsule is a watertight structure that is composed of ligaments, tissues, and synovial fluids in order to reduce the friction in between joints.

Gout attacks the joints that have synovial fluids. Therefore, the spine is in no exception.

Why Does Gout Attack through the Synovial Fluids?

The body is thought to be able to flush the uric acid out on a daily basis. Nevertheless, there may be times that the liver will be too unavailable to do so. This will occur when there’s an excessive level of toxins and acids in the body. An excessive amount of acidity in the bloodstream must be taken care of, thus the body employs a wide ranging defense, this includes the storing of uric acid into the interstitial space ‘til they can already be processed.

Just imagine your own trash at home. It’ll not be overflowing for as long as the garbage collector collects the garbage themselves. However, what if the scenario is that, the daily garbage is too much to take? The trash may be full mid-week, and you’ll have to extemporize, just as by using plastic bags to hold the trash, or even putting it in places that do not supposedly store the trash!

This is actually the case of the body. When the input of the uric acid that comes from the purine is so high, then the body will need to improvise and store it in various places, just like the interstitial space. In the event that even the interstitial space is full, the uric acid leaks further into the synovial fluids. It is here where they crystallize, thus triggering an attack from the immune system thus causing pain.

The Solution

Now, we must go back to the trashcan. What can cause it to be full much easier? Well, it is when it isn’t just you who are throwing the garbage in it. If your own family uses it too, then it’ll become full even though you have not thrown your own trash hitherto!

In the case of the body, it’s the presence of the other acids that makes the storage full easily. Hence, there’s only one solution to the problem: get rid of the acidosis! Without acids, including the uric acid, there’ll be no gout to be scared of. It’ll not grow in the spine, not in any other parts of the body. Get rid of acidosis, get rid of the condition!


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