One Probable Cause Of Hyperuricemia That You Need To Know


Hyperuricemia is sure to be composed of complex series of puzzle and mazes. You can get lost in tracking the pathway of symptoms, complications, and causes. As you go deeper into the pathways, you might ask yourself if it still a hyperuricemia. It is indeed no wonder why the doctors are even baffled by the hyperuricemia puzzling aspects.

Have you ever known that you will eventually reach the maze exit by tracking the edge and touching the edge walls and follow it? It is the same idea in solving the labyrinth of the hyperuricemia. It definitely has the right approach.

What this article is aiming for is explaining the hyperuricemia maze’s entrance. Just continue reading and you will find out the causes of the hyperuricemia that most of the doctors are failing to realize.

What is the most famous Hyperuricemia CAUSE?

It is an undeniable idea that consuming too much meat can really cause hyperuricemia. An individual who suffers from hyperuricemia is mostly aware that the meat is the purine primary source which is the uric acid in turn. In fact, the purine is present in every food that we consume. Furthermore, the purine will still appear in the body even if you don’t eat foods that are rich in purine. The reason for that is because the purine is found in the cell’s DNA. The cells in the body will die whether you like it or not, thus the purine is produced in the process. Additionally, the body is breaking down the tissue which is rich in purine in order to provide energy even if you starve. It is really ironic on having purine which is present in the body although not eating purine-rich foods.

You do not have to worry though because the body is engineered so it can flush out all the uric acid. if you, for a day, overeat, there will be extra room for the accumulation of the uric acid. the ironic question is: if the body is able to flush out all the uric acid, then why the hyperuricemia still occurs?

What are the Causes of the Hyperuricemia that the Experts are failing in recognizing?

The doctor will normally hold you back from overeating purine-rich foods. The reason for that is because the hyperuricemia is seen to be as “high uric acid level” and thus, we are trying in solving it by not adding extra uric acid. Then why don’t we redefine the hyperuricemia? How about we consider it as a “low uric acid flush out rate”? by doing this, we can produce another perspective to understand the causes of the hyperuricemia.

As said earlier, the body is engineered in order for it to flash out all those uric acid. however, there will be some exceptions. Think about an employee who is dedicated and competent. He is very in love with his job that he is exerting his extra time in order to finish his additional task. Because of that, his output is worth the 10 normal employee output. Then how about you add an extra challenge? For an example, for whatever you reason you have, you decided to blindfold his eyes and tie both of this hands. He will surely not be able to finish his task. He will not be capable of reaching the daily expectation anymore and it will cause an accumulation of his unfinished task.

Think about the same employee who is competent. This time around, you decided to be a good boss even though that employee has a part-time job for side income. In this scenario, he will not be able to take an extra time for additional tasks and thus, the output that he is producing will decrease.

There are two things that are contributing to the reduced employee’s productivity which is having another job or being a handicap. This is also the same as the body. If the excretory system is handicapped, the uric acid’s processing rate will surely be minimized. Also, the excretory system will not be capable in finishing the task if there are several other kinds of stuff that are needed to take care of like regulation of the pH of the blood or extra acids’ excretion.

Hence, there are two causes of the hyperuricemia which is the input and the output. Eliminating the input is almost impossible. That is why in order to cure the hyperuricemia, you boost the output.

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