Necessary Things To Know About Chronic Gout


It is with no doubt that gout has so many hidden mysteries. Most of these mysteries are actually unsolved. Some of which are unanswered due to the fact that we fail in recognizing their root cause, or at least we fail in attempting to accept a shift or change in the paradigm. One particular mystery of gout is actually how a person acquires chronic gout without tophus. This is actually the topic of this article. Read on and get to know more about it.

Gout for first timers

Assuredly, when a person who suffers from gout comes to the doctor for the first time, the doctor will tell the situation immediately. Even without the use of any instrument and without any laboratory analysis, the pain and the inflammation alone may lead your doctor to say that you have gout immediately and conclusively

However, what if there’s no inflammation at all? Well, in this particular case, it’ll be much harder to recognize gout. In addition, yes, it is conceivable to have chronic gout even though there is no tophus.

In the actual fact, gout may differ from a patient to another. One may experience tophus without pain, while some may have pain that comes with swelling, while others may experience having pain with both no swelling and tophus.

The Chronic Gout

As the name itself implies, chronic gout, is an everlasting form of gout. Furthermore, chronic gout may be caused by various factors. For example, it may be instigated by the obliteration of the joints as the tophus enlarges. In the beginning, the ligaments and the joint surface gets damaged. As the time passes by, the joint will slowly chip away through the constant contact of the joints and tophus crystals. This particular damage is nearly irretrievable, this is the reason why it is chronic.

Moreover, chronic gout may also be caused by the genetic illness, Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, a condition of the HPRT gene that has an important function in the purine to uric acid conversion.

Chronic Gout Without Tophus

It may be ironic to think that gout happens even without the swelling. What’s even more ironic part is that gout may attack even though you have a low uric acid in the urine and blood!

Only a part of the condition is obvious, the rest is actually hidden. This includes the uric acid volume. Truthfully, there may be a little uric acid in the urine and the blood. However, the uric acid may be present more profound inside. The uric acid may be present in the interstitial fluids, and may have even settled inside the synovial fluids in the ball-and-socket joints. For short, the nonappearance of the swelling white crystals in the joints, ears and some other parts of the body that there is no tophus that’s present at all. The tophi exist, however, they don’t swell. They just exist as small crystals that are being deposited in the joints. The pain has much deeper roots! Chronic gout that has no tophus is just a myth.

Even though the crystals are minute, it’s actually regarded as a menace by the body. The immune system sends in a military of neutrophils just to neutralize the invader. Unluckily, the neutrophils may fail to do so since they’re not intended to fight the inorganic substances. Due to this fact, the neutrophils’ war cry is being replaced with an appeal for assistance, which is the pain, the body’s way of saying that something isn’t right.

Treating Chronic Gout

Going back to the everlasting gout part. Are we ready to accept that the chronic gout is really chronic? No! No one wants to suffer from the confining pain of this notorious disease eternally. It is ever true that we have no capacity in controlling our genes, however, the genes aren’t the only factors that may contribute to gout.

There is more that you can do. Yes you read it right, it is you; not your doctor or any medical expert out there. There is a choice that only you can do. Get rid of acidosis! If you are able to do this, you will be freed from the inflammation and pain caused by gout.


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