Mitigare: Is It Really Beneficial For Gout?


Are you one of the millions who suffer gout? Then you might have already experienced the painful moments that may have caused you to wince in pain. Luckily, there are medications that may at least, reduce and eliminate the pain. Nevertheless, there are various medications, which have various names. However, in general, do the same thing. Therefore, people search for various neutral reviews and commonly fail to search such.

This article is one example of such review. It actually aims to review the medication, Mitigare, a colchicine brand. Dissimilar to other reviews on Mitigare, this article isn’t subjective and doesn’t originate from any marketing desires or any hatred. So read on to this, and you will be guaranteed with new knowledge about the medication!

How Does Mitigare Work?

Simply put, the Mitigare is a brand name for the colchicine. That being said, it can be classified as a mitotic inhibitor. Furthermore, it is capable of stopping the cell reproduction. Mitigare has the same effect as the other brand of colchicine.

From the time when you were born up until the day you grow, even no matter how you age, and your first strand of mustache, the cells are of the same size. They don’t grow in size, yet they grow in number. Simply speaking, the complicated process of the cell division is the element of life. Truly, cells are very important, because without them, we cannot be identified, we will not be existing in this world.

The answer to the question, how does the Mitigare work? Well, I’ve already mentioned it earlier. It works just the same with how the other brands of colchicine work. Now, let us understand further what really is this medicine.


Don’t think of this review as a similar review for Mitigare, that you see on the internet. As what is aforementioned above, this article isn’t subjective. First, let us take a much indistinct picture of the abstract concept of the Mitigare in stopping the process of mitosis or cell division.

During the cell division, there is this so-called rope, which tugs the cell distantly from the inside. This certain rope is what they call the microtubules. The Colchicine ties with them in order to interrupt the cell division process. Through this particular way, there will be lesser neutrophils that may attack the area of gout.

The neutrophils, are the cells that are actually part of the distinctive immune system. In case that they attack the area affected by gout, they may fail to thaw the uric acid crystals. This is for the reason that they may not do it in the first place. Henceforth, the inflammatory reactions are being released.

Furthermore, because the colchicine overpowers the process of mitosis, the quantity of the neutrophils that may attack the cells are abridged hence causing a lesser amount of pain. Moreover, the changed assembly of the microtubules deactivates the capability of the neutrophil to adjust its shape to consume and attack the foreign substances, including the uric acid.

Side Effects of Mitigare

Upsetting the process of cell division may cause various austere damages. For example, you may experience impotency, this is since the colchicine halts the sperm or egg cell reproduction. All of the mechanisms of the body that may involve the cells are interrupted in both the minor and major ways. From the growing of the hair up to the homeostasis of the body, chaos is caused by the medication.


Generally, as an example of a medication for gout, just like any other brand of colchicine out there, Mitigare is comparatively good in relieving the inflammation and pain. Nevertheless, it does not really treat gout at all. Hence, taking it all may not be that worth it. furthermore, the aftereffects of the medication have far outweighed all of its benefits. Conversely, remember that it may cause various side effects. Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor in order to raise concerns.

The choice is in you if you are still going to take Mitigare for gout. Maybe, the best thing that you can do is to find an alternative solution for your condition. Just always, bear in mind that your health is the most valuable.

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