Is There Any Best Alcohol For Gout?


Alcohol’s appeal is actually a force to be reckoned with. I have personally seen families getting torn apart because alcohol is making its own way up to the brain. Furthermore, sad truth is that even in that certain case, the attraction of alcohol still remains undefiable. I have even seen some gout sufferers who rather want to suffer from the severe gout attacks just to satisfy themselves and their cravings for alcohol. This article is mainly for them. Do you want to satisfy that particular craving? Then read on to this article and get to know about the best alcohol for gout –if there really is a good one.

Is there a good alcohol for gout?

None. There is no alcohol that is good for the condition. If you think that beer is only bad for gout because of its own purine content, you are wrong. After reading this article, you might just think more thoroughly. Undeniably, alcohol is supercalifragilisticexpialidociously rich in purine. However, it isn’t just purine that you must be so worried about. The alcohol itself too. The ethanol is actually the second to none, most especially when it comes to the make a gout sufferer a real sufferer.

In all honesty, beer is the best alcoholic beverage for gout. It is actually the best in the sense that it’ll impose the least pain. Just think of it this way, getting crushed and killed by truck is worse than getting crushed by a car and getting killed. Even though you die in both of the cases, if you die because of the truck, it’ll be more exponentially painful. Beer is the best alcohol for gout because it’ll just give a pain that isn’t as extreme as the other alcohol. But still the pain is a pain –the gout attack is a gout attack –and gout complications are still gout complications. Therefore, if you still crave for beer, then you must accept and endure the pain that it may bring about.

The ethanol is capable of boosting the pyruvate and lactate production, thus lactic acid production. Since the lactic acid is in tow, the excretion of the uric acid is being slowed down. Firstly, the responsibility of the kidneys doesn’t only revolve around the uric acid, but to the others as well. This will leave a lesser space for the excretion of the uric acid and thus, there’ll be more time in accumulating. Further, the ethanol may cause dehydration thru increasing the sweating and urination. Ethanol isn’t supposed to be present on the body. therefore, the body may use some ways of eliminating it. Just like sweating, and increasing urination. Even though urination may seem to be good for the excretion of the uric acid, it isn’t true in this particular case since there is no uric acid to be excreted, since ethanol is rather excreted.

Once the fewer fluids and the water are left on the body because of dehydration, the uric acid will most likely to reach the saturation point much easier. Therefore, the uric acid will easily crystalize. This is where the gout attacks come in. this is the mere reason why there’s no such thing as best alcohol for gout. All types of alcohol are bad for gout. Plus, dehydration will also increase the possibility of the uric acid kidney stone to crystalize easily without the presence of the water.

Points to Remember

The ethanol is capable of increasing the lactic acid and prompt dehydration. Therefore, reducing the uric acid excretion rate. Moreover, dehydration also reduces the fluids in the body, most especially water. This will now make it much easier for the uric acid to reach the saturation point.

The saturation point is the state where the uric acid is going to approach the volume of the water, as well as the bloodstream. The dehydration will then reduce the water volume on the body. The less volume of the uric acid is necessary for the process of crystallization.


Beer, in comparison to some other beverages have much lower alcohol content. On the other hand, beer will undoubtedly harm those who suffer from gout. Apart from the severe gout attacks, the alcoholic beverages are capable of boosting the chance of uric acid kidney stones. No alcohol will be good for gout, take not of that!


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