Is Gout In The Eyes Possible?


Even without gout, hyperuricemia alone may cause a lot of troubles, and sometimes peculiar effects. Furthermore, some are not that much understood yet that may cause fear. Even more if gout is there are is present in the scene of the crime. One perfect example of this peculiar effects of the gout is the reddening of the eyes.

This article hopes to explain the relationship between red eye and gout, or what some people say, gout in the eyes. Certainly, along the way you’ll get to realize that you must get rid of gout now, once and for all.

Is gout in the eyes possible?

Primarily, there is no publicity in here. The answer to that particular question is, yes, it is possible for gout to occur in the eyes. In the actual fact, gout occurs in the eyes. Actually, the very same lingering pain in the joints may be experienced in the eyes as well. What’s more terrifying is that the protruding node, along with tophi, occurs in the eyes too. As a matter of fact, gout may occur in various parts of the eyes. Here’s a list of the parts symptomatically and asymptomatically affected from this particular research study.

Uvea • Iritis• Uveitis• Tophi deposition within iris and anterior chamber
Sclera • Tophi deposition• Scleritis ± tenonitis
Conjunctiva • Bilateral conjunctival vessel hyperaemia,•Dilated and tortuous bulbar conjunctival vessels• Subconjunctival haemorrhage

• Subconjunctival transparent vesicles

• Chronic conjunctivitis

Periocular region: Eyelid, lateral canthus, medial canthus • Tophi deposition
Episclera • Nodular episcleritis• Episcleritis periodica fugax• Episcleral vessel hyperaemia
Retina • Central retinal vein occlusion and branch retinal artery occlusion
Lens • Cortical cataract
Orbit • Orbital mass of urate crystals—periocular pain and ptosis
Vitreous body • Asteroid hyalosis
Cornea • Tophi deposition in corneal epithelium, stroma and Bowman’s layer• Marginal corneal ulcers
Optic Disc • Optic disk oedema

How does this happen? 

The list above is so long, isn’t it? Well, this happens as the fluids in the eyes have the very low capability as a solvent, in a logic that a glass of fluid from the eye has very low chance of dissolving the coffee. This just means that the monosodium urate crystals, which ended up in the eye will not be able to dissolve properly.

Furthermore, the uric acid may result to have ended up in the eye. Actually, it may end up anywhere since it travels over the blood. Therefore, tophi may form in the eye in the lower, as well as in the upper eyelids, the medial and lateral canthus, and even in the uvea! Additionally, the cold temperature of the eye. It may cause uric acid to easily crystallize. This may lead to a lot more conditions, which may range from lesions in the eyes to complete blindness and even meagre irritations! Henceforth, the red eyes must not be ignored if you have gout, although you shouldn’t be deceived that it’s always gout that may cause the red eyes. Nonetheless, it’s much better to be safe than to be sorry.

Some Other Odd Effects of Gout

Apart from the ocular effects, gout may also affect important parts of the body critically, just like the spine. Besides, aforementioned earlier, the hyperuricemia alone may cause a lot of damage. For example, due to the presence of excessive uric acid in the body, the acid-alkaline balance of the blood is crumbling. When there are so many acids, there’ll be an excessive number of freely floating hydrogen atoms. You must know that the hydrogen atoms are the essence of the perfect free radicals.

The free radicals have only one desire, and it is to find a pair for their own electron. This is mainly because the atoms must have even electrons. Each of the electrons must have a pair. If there is an excess electron that isn’t paired, it reacts with the other electron that isn’t paired with the other atoms, hence altering the chemical composition of the cells in the body. Therefore, making them malfunction and may even cause cancer. Thus, it’s very important to eliminate gout and hyperuricemia as soon as possible. In order to do this, you must eliminate the root cause of it, the uric acid. Get rid of this and you will be free from the condition!


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