Is Drinking Tea A Good Cure For Gout?


Looking back to the history of countries located on both east and west, the tea is considered and known to be a drink which gives wonders. Also, it is giving many overwhelming health benefits. However, a cup of tea is not meant to be drunk by the individuals who suffer from gout.

There are various claims about the tea being a good idea in order to treat gout. However, these are just firsthand evidence which corresponds to the fact that an individual is a tea-drinker.

The goal of this article is to explain for what reason that drinking tea can possibly cause gout attacks. It makes us think like is it really a good choice for gout? Is it a must avoid or a must drink?

The Tea and The Gout

In order to have a better understanding of the reasons why the tea will ignite a sudden outburst of gout, we should understand first the gout causes.

Below is the quick review of this even though you might probably know this already:

The gout is a type of arthritis which is caused by the uric acid crystallization in the joints and in the synovial fluids, specifically.  But, the cleanest part of the body is the synovial fluids that it is like a place in which no foreign substances are allowed to exist there. Uric acid crystal there? Nope. Therefore, there is an army of neutrophils that is mobilizing to respond every time that the uric acid crystalizes so there is the ignition of the inflammation and pain.

There is something that is probably not known by many which are the uric acid is not solely the cause of gout. The body is one of the most effective machinations if you think about it. The body has an effective self-preservation which includes the flushing out of the uric acid. then, how did the uric acid accumulates?

The uric acid in not solely junk in the body. There are other acids such as the lactic acid and the oxalic acid. therefore, the efforts of the liver and the kidneys are divided in excreting each acid. The kidneys are in a good mood if they are only excreting acid, but they are suffering when there are additional acids. In simple speaking, the uric acid is not the only thing that should be avoided by the gout sufferers. In order to really have good relief for gout, the acidic foods and beverages which includes the teas should be avoided.

The teas’ acidity is lying between the pH 6-2.5 in which the lower it is, the more acidic it is. Remember that the pH 5 is ten times more acidic than the 6 and the pH 4 is a hundred times more acidic. Then how about the 2.5? How much more will it be? If you will take an acidic meal, then the uric acid will be probably being forgotten as the other acids are being excreted. Therefore, there will be an accumulation of the uric acid that will lead to sudden burns into the joints.

Drink a tea a day will keep the gout-flare at bay

The tea is known and admired to be a miracle cure for gout. But is in fact not at all.

The tea is considered to be an alkaline for the reason that it has caffeine. Even though the caffeine alkaline, it does not really mean that the teas are entirely an alkaline. It is like pouring a glass of seawater to a pool of freshwater will not make the entire pool salty. It is just a matter of the ratio of the OH and H ions.

There are various claims that states that the caffeine is a big help in easing gout which is not true. What it does is triggering it. The caffeine is under the xanthine, a family of substance. Also, the caffeine has a structure which is closely same to the allopurinol and purine. Therefore, it can produce two possible results due to its attracting the enzyme xanthine oxidase attention: it can be shattered into uric acid or avoiding the uric acid production for a short period of time.


The tea will probably be an addition to a long list of what not to be eaten. Even though there are several claims that it will really help in curing gout, these claims are all just false. If you want to eat, remember that tea is not one of the available choices.


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