Is Chicken Bad For Gout?


Two of the most widely consumed food products in the whole wide world are meat and poultry. Five star restaurants and fast food chains serves them and they even make their own signature dishes out of these products. Moreover, it is also believed that poultry has been existing since the fire was discovered. This is what makes it so difficult to get rid of the poultry in the day-to-day life, and a lot of those who suffer from gout are forced in doing it.

One poultry that people love to eat is chicken. Chicken is so rich in purine, as what some people said. Some even say that chicken has the tendency of triggering gout attacks. However, how true are these claims? In this article, you will get to know the answer on the question, “Is chicken bad for gout?” Not just that, you will also be able to know some 0of the strategies that can be beneficial for you.

Why it is that chicken is bad for gout?

As a matter of fact, chicken is not that bad for the condition. However, it is with no doubt that that it may still trigger gout attacks. The question now is if these claims are true or not. Let us just say that in between heaven and hell, chicken is somewhere in between. This is mainly because it has a moderate amount of some of the many substances that you must avoid if you are suffering from the condition.

Is chicken bad for gout? Well, it is not that bad. But it is not a good food for gout either. It may cause gout flare, but not in a daily basis. This is since chicken contains two of the substances to avoid when experiencing gout –the purine and oxalate.

Purine: The curse for all gout sufferers

After the breaking down of purine, it will become uric acid. Without this purine, there will be no uric acid. And without this uric acid, there will be no gout attacks or the gout itself. Without these two, you will not be suffering from pain. Therefore, pain is the enemy of those who suffer from gout.

Chicken has a moderate amount of purine. In the actual fact, it has about 10-100 milligrams per 3 ounce. Varying on how you are eating chicken, or how you cook it, it may further get higher or lower. For example, eating chicken with gravy has an increased amount of purine. This is mainly because of the gravy that is very rich in purine. Most of the ingredients contained in the gravy like meat broth and extracts are very rich in purine. Therefore, you must avoid all of these kind of meals.

An alkaline meal is also beneficial in counteracting the uric acid that are being yielded as you devour your chicken meal. The alkaline-rich foods are oozing with minerals like calcium and magnesium. Apart from the fact that they are beneficial in removing oxalate, changing the urine pH levels will help the kidneys in getting rid of the uric acid. There’s no need to say that this will be good for the condition. Just imagine, eating chicken will not make you suffer from gout attacks and will in fact, help you in treating it. However, bear in mind that a single alkaline meal is not enough in achieving it. Additionally, alkaline water will be beneficial too.

Oxalate: Avoid eating ‘em late

Oxalate is present in many foods that we eat, just like some poultry and various dark green leafy vegetables. In the case of chicken, it is in there but in a relatively moderate amount. The oxalate becomes oxalic acid. The oxalic acid turns out to be a burden to the body just like most of the acids. The kidneys will then excrete all of these acids. This just means that a few space may be left for the uric acid to be excreted.

What’s the good thing here is that chicken contains only a moderate amount of the oxalic acid. Another, you may avoid the uric acid crystal formation using the proper technique. You just need to pair moderate oxalate foods with calcium foods in moderate to high level. This helps in avoiding the formation of the oxalic acid.


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