Is Alerna Beneficial For Gout Or Not?


Steve Bivans once stated on his book, Be a Hobbit, Save the Earth: the Guide to Sustainable Shire Living, “A mistake that a lot of people make, and I’ve been guilty of this as well, is that we assume that just because something is natural it is therefore safe, and ergo, good for us. I like to point out that cobras are natural too, but I don’t want to kiss one.”

We know that not all of the medicines that we use and see, which are from nature are really safe. There are some that are very effective, yet has a lot of controversies, mainly because there is no statistical proof that may prove their own worth due to the lack of research. However, there are also some products that exist, which are so shady without any trace of effectiveness.

This article wishes to review the alerna uric acid support product. If you are already tired of some other reviews on alerna uric acid support, which are sometimes biased, go and check this article out. This will be of no bias at all, I assure you that!


Alerna uric acid support is a supplement or medication that’s believed to regularize the functions of the kidneys, normalize the uric acid levels, and provide support for the joints.

Let’s take an impartial review by disregarding the five star customer and by not clicking in their terms of use and searching for the disclaimer and by not reading that they don’t support their own claims and whatsoever happens to you isn’t within their accountabilities.

Firstly, it’s good to know that they conform with the GMP of the Good Manufacturing Practices and their facilities are approved by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. Unluckily, it’s not their own facilities that they’re trying to sell. Simply, the alerna is not approved by the FDA. Do not get this factual information wrong. It doesn’t unswervingly mean that the product is really untrustworthy. It just simply means that there’s no enough study that may back up the claims. Furthermore, researches that are backing up their claims are very indecisive.

Have you seen a review of the alerna uric acid support that claims the lack of the right ingredients to support its claims? None, there is nothing said that it lacks ingredients that may prove its effectiveness. However, how effective are these ingredients, really?

Mechanism of Alerna

First, you must understand that putting ingredients in a medicine isn’t really an equivalent to stuffing various ingredients to a food. These ingredients may cause reactions with each other. This is the reason why a lot of medicines are in “processed” or “pure” form. They are not mix-ups of any random ingredients. The only scums are the dyes and the chemical binders.

Alerna is actually thought to be beneficial in lowering the uric acid level with some cherry extract, a claim grounded from a questionable study, which we have no way of verifying as of the moment. Their site actually claims that the Quercetin is beneficial in doing this. However, the Quercetin displays the probable anti-inflammatory properties, yet no elimination of uric acid.

Furthermore, bromelain, turmeric, and grape seed extract are good supports for the joint, according to them, although just as most studies out there, the studies concerning to this claims are indecisive, just like this study about the turmeric that concludes that it may function like the allopurinol in mice. Additionally, the turmeric doesn’t reach the bloodstream in great concentrations and will just help in a very minimal way.

Why Are Most Supplements Not Approved?

Don’t jump to conclusions sustained by some other reviews on alerna uric acid support out there easily. They may just be deceiving you. In fact, most of the studies they present are indecisive, meaning it may be effective, or it may be not. This is mainly because we don’t have enough technology. How are we going to prove the effectiveness of a supplement? We should be monitoring each individual of the molecules they ingest, and the millions of cells that might be affected. After all, it is wicked to test medications to human beings.

Generally, the alerna is shady, if not unproductive. Nevertheless, let’s not be blinded to the fact that there are probabilities that someday, its claims will be backed-up.


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