How To Quickly Lower The Uric Acid?


Hyperuricemia and gout are two of the most common modern day conditions. Unluckily, they’re two of the most mysterious too. For this very reason, may quackeries, stories, and false statements arise from these two topics. This is also the reason why more and more hyperuricemia and gout sufferers are getting more and more conscious about all the things they are reading on the internet and ask various questions to seek neutral answers.

One question that people tend to ask is, “How to quickly lower the uric acid?” This article wishes to give a neutral answer to that particular question. So sit back, relax, and enjoy reading though this article. I assure you, you will gain lots and lots of information here.

Uric Acid

Uric acid, as we know is the byproduct being produced when the purine is broken down into its usable form. It’s a waste product that’s being excreted via the urinary tract and partly by the exhalation and sweating.

If you love indulging with purine-rich foods, you will soon find out that your blood is already teeming with uric acid.

Various genetic diseases like Lesch-Nyhann Syndrome and some other factors like the rapid cell death may also contribute to the uric acid production. The rapid cell death may contribute since the purine is the building block of the DNA. Consequently, purine is being released into the bloodstream when the large population of the cells die.

When there is an excessive amount of uric acid present in the blood, it may cause abnormality in the blood’s pH level. To balance this out, the homeostatic mechanisms that causes the uric acid to be stored in the interstitial fluids ‘til the liver and kidneys has sufficient available processing power to expel them. Nevertheless, the interstitial fluids aren’t infinite in volume. Eventually, it will become full. Furthermore, the uric acid will continue to stack in the bloodstream as the interstitial fluids become filled. The uric acid in the interstitial fluids eventually, will seep into the synovial fluids located in the synovial joints. Over the course of time, the uric acid in the joints may crystallize and  may cause gout.

Lowering the Uric Acid

The uric acid can be lowered quickly by taking medications. For example, taking Uricosoric drugs may increase the rate of the urine. Unluckily, this may cause kidney stones most especially when the uric acid isn’t excreted totally.

One more approach is by way of taking allopurinol, Febuxostat or some other xanthine oxidase inhibitors. Nevertheless, taking this kind of drugs may only cause a temporary relief. This is due to their mechanism.

The anthine oxidase inhibitors just stops the uric acid production, but it doesn’t flush the uric acid out. They just react with the xanthine oxidase, the enzyme that’s significant in breaking down the purine into much simpler form. Even though the uric acid will be reduced after you take the medication, the purine will still accrue in the blood as it isn’t flushed out by the system.

How To Quickly Lower The Uric Acid?

Certainly, your doctor has already advised this. Stop your purine intake. Well, we are going to revise it a bit: Reduce your purine intake. After all, purine is very significant to the body that’s why cutting it off may cause additional imbalance in the bodily homeostasis.

Poignantly, you must also stop taking medications. You should stop taking allopurinol. And Uricosorics.  Both of which may just damage the kidney and the liver. And we know that these two organs are both important for the regulation of the body’s acidity.

Causing damage to them is just like removing a wing from an airplane. It will remove the balance. Moreover, the xanthine oxidase inhibitors doesn’t flush the purine nor the uric acid out, and the purine isn’t flushed out by the excretory system because it’s a large molecule that cannot go to the nephrons of the kidneys. You should reduce the dosage in a gradual manner, remember that. Furthermore, you should also drink a lot of water. This will be beneficial in diluting the interstitial fluids that are being infested with uric acid.

Finally, it’ll help if you are to use ionic minerals to alkalize your water. This will be beneficial in  hydrating the cells with alkaline water in order to neutralize the acidity in the interstitial fluids. This is of a great help since it also neutralize the other acids that’s already present in the bloodstream and interstitial space. Therefore, reducing the burden of the kidneys and the liver, which may help them upsurge the uric acid elimination rate.


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