How Does Zyloric Really Work?


Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from gout? Then you must know what is your cursed enemy. You may answer, the pain, the discomfort, or even the inflammation. However, I am going to tell you, these are not the real enemies. The real enemy of those who suffers from gout is the uric acid.

Without the uric acid, there’ll be no crystal that may cause the effects of gout. This just means that, without the uric acid there’ll be no inflammation and pain at all! Unluckily though, there are not much medications out there that consider the uric acid in treating gout.

One medicine of this kind is the Zyloric. It, in fact, helps in lowering the uric acid levels. However, how effective it really is in doing such thing? This article wishes to explain how effective the Zyloric is. Furthermore, it also aims to answer the question, “How does Zyloric really work?” So read on to this article and be more knowledgeable about this medication.

Zyloric: How Effective Is It?

Once you take Zyloric, the uric acid easily reduces. In just a matter of an hour, the level of the uric acid will drop significantly even though you just ate a purine-rich meal. This just means that Zyloric really is effective. Unfortunately though, the reduction of the uric acid isn’t really its major effect. In the actual fact, it doesn’t even flush the uric acid out of the body!

Fascinatingly, the Zyloric is capable of lowering the uric acid level even though it doesn’t get rid of it. What is the reason behind this? How does Zyloric work?

Zyloric: Is Its Effectiveness Real Or Not?

First thing’s first, you must know that the Zyloric just pauses the production of the uric acid and it doesn’t stop it at all. Secondly, it is capable of doing more harm than good. The Zyloric is a brand name of the medicine allopurinol, which actually falls under the category of drugs called Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors.

Zyloric Pauses Uric Acid Production

Zyloric, just like any other allopurinol or any other xanthine oxidase inhibitor, reduces the uric acid level thru pausing the breakdown of purine. The purine is a substance that is present allover the body. It’s actually the building block of the DNA of the cells. We know that the cells die naturally through the process of apoptosis. Consequently, the purine exists in the bloodstream naturally. This just means that the uric acid will always exist too.

The purine is broken down by the xanthine oxidase enzyme. This is now where the Zyloric comes in. The structure of structure is similar to that of the purine thus xanthine oxidase gaffes the Zyloric for purine so the xanthine oxidase tries to break down the Zyloric rather than the purine. Therefore, the xanthine oxidase turns out to be so busy to do its real function, which is to break the purine down! Through this way, almost no purine is broken down

Furthermore, the purine will not get flushed out of the body if it’s not changed into uric acid. This is due to the fact that it’s a macromolecule. In a little while, all of this purine that’s accrued will need be converted into uric acid. This now explains why those people who are taking Zyloric tend to experience severe gout attacks. It isn’t just a matter of unexpected uric acid decrease, but a matter of spike in the uric acid.

Zyloric Will Do More Harm Than Good

The Zyloric, as an allopurinol, comes with lots and lots of side effects. The severe gout attack is just one of the many. It may cause several skin reactions that range from minor to fatal. This includes rashes and two life-threatening skin conditions known as the Stevens–Johnson syndrome and the toxic epidermal necrolysis. These two skin illnesses may cause to peel your epidermis off. The worst cases of these two may involve necrosis in the internal organs. Therefore, it’s a very lethal disease.


Zyloric is good at lowering uric acid in a temporary way. Purine will follow soon and will cause a uric acid spike. Is allopurinol really worth the side effects? Certainly, temporarily reducing the uric acid isn’t worth the life. The body’s homeostasis isn’t something to be messed with after all.


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