How Does Hyperuricemia Cause Kidney Failure?

Anatomy of female RENAL system x-ray view

Do you know that kidney failure is the worst complication of hyperuricemia? After you read this article, you will be enlightened about kidney failure in a more detail information. This article will explain how Hyperuricemia causes kidney failure. And in addition, you will know what makes the kidney failure the worst of all the complications of hyperuricemia.

Although gout is also a painful torture, gout is not the worst complications of hyperuricemia. Gout can only be worse than kidney failure when the patient has both gout and kidney failure.

The Consequences of Suffering from Kidney Failure

Do you know that kidney failure can cause death? Although gout can also be severe, it cannot kill the patient directly. But, it can cause serious health conditions that can kill the patient eventually.

Kidney failure confuses people. They say that kidney failure is a complication of gout, but it is a hyperuricemia complication. And they also say that gout is also hyperuricemia complication. It can really confuse people, right?

But, the fact is uric acid is the cause of these. These entwine conditions are assured to show symptoms one condition after the other one. Too high level of uric acid causes hyperuricemia, and hyperuricemia causes kidney failure and gout. Although gout cannot kill the patient, kidney failure can kill. That is why it is important to reverse the symptoms of hyperuricemia.

Too high level of uric acid can add to the symptoms of kidney failure. High level of uric acid is harmful to the kidney. It adds to the toxins that the kidney has to discharge.

There are many risk factors that are related to uric acid. But before that, we also need to understand the functions and mechanisms of the kidney.

Nephrons are the units of the kidneys that are responsible for filtering wastes. And the process of filtering happens inside the glomerulus, on the wall layers of the glomerulus.

There are three layers of the wall: the endothelium that solutes the proteins of plasma and the fluid. The basement membrane that prevents the plasma proteins to be filtered out of the bloodstream. And the Epithelium that contains podocytes. Podocytes are attached to the basement membrane to wrap around the capillaries, but they leave filtration slits. It acts as a filtration barrier before the fluid pass through the glomerulus.

When the level of uric acid is too high, it allows positively charged hydrogen ions to pass through the glomerulus. The ions stay on the basement membrane. It may not be harmful at first. But, when the uric acid gets higher, there will be risks of free radicals to pass through the basement membrane. When this happens, it can cause proteinuria. Proteinuria is when the proteins of the body leak into the urine. When the proteins pass, it can widen the podocytes and the endothelium that can damage the glomeruli.

When the uric acid crystallizes, especially in the kidney, it when the damage of the kidney gets worse. Because of this, the risks to damage the blood vessels and also the neurons get higher. When this happens the whole kidney will be damaged.

When the filtration process of the kidney cannot function, it will be difficult to reverse the condition. When the kidney cannot discharge the uric acid from the body, the pH level of the blood will not balance. There will also be the possibility that the kidney cannot discharge the toxins out of the body. As the symptoms get further, it can also cause additional hyperuricemia complications.

How can you overcome it?

When the kidney is damaged, the patient has to rely on a dialysis machine. When the kidney can no longer function properly, Dialysis can artificially remove the waste from the blood. But, it will be very expensive. The patient can also undergo a kidney transplant. It will involve a surgery to replace your damaged kidney with a healthy kidney. And the patient has to take medications for the rest of his life.

That is why, as soon as possible, we have to take care of our health. We should also do what we can to reverse the symptoms of hyperuricemia before it gets worse. Do not wait for the symptoms to get worse before you take action.


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