How Does Goutnil Work In Treating Gout?


There is a number of medications that people suggest to be effective in treating gout. One of which is Goutnil. In the actual fact, Goutnil is thought to be a best friend for those who suffer from the condition. In spite of everything, who will not like the very nearly on the spot relief that it gives to the pain and inflammation that comes with the condition? This is actually a saviour to those who experience gout. Once you feel the gout attack that lingers on in your body, take a pill of Goutnil and bear with the pain in just a small moment, and there you have it! The inflammation and the pain will be gone!

Unluckily, however, just the same as the real life best friend (if you have), Goutnil may betray you too. In fact, Goutnil can cause impotence and anemia. These two are the possible betrayals that Goutnil can give you.

In this article, you will get to know how does Goutnil work on gout. Sit back, relax because you will never know what you are going to unfold reading this article.

What is Goutnil?

This is actually just a brand of colchicine, and all the drugs that fall under this are the same. Colchicine, actually falls into the mitotic inhibitor category of medicine. Goutnil is thought to be valuable in getting rid of inflammation and pain. Fortuitously, it can! However, it is at a very costly price.

As mentioned above, Goutnil is under the mitotic inhibitor medicine category. Meaning, it inhibits the process of mitosis. Mitosis is the process of cell division or the process in which the cells reproduce themselves. This particular process is what lets you grow.

Goutnil impairs the mitosis process, and by doing this, it helps in the reduction of the white blood cells count in the area of gout. Minutes after introducing it to the body, the inflammation and pain will vanish instantly. It also prevents the uric acid from attacking due to the impairment of the microtubes of neutrophils.

There is actually no clear difference between Goutnil and the other medications that fall under the Colchicine category. Thus, through the understanding of the mechanism of colchicine, we can answer how does Goutnil work on gout.

Colchicine: The science behind it

Do you ever wonder why does Colchicine is very effective? Well this is mainly because it does not at all solve the problems regarding uric acid. Actually, it is not even a pain reliever. It is a mitotic inhibitor, as what we have stated already above.

There is no cell that is being exempted from the effects of the Colchicine. This is due to the fact that isn’t a missile that is guided, wherein you choose where your target is. It will affect random cells once you take it. The neutrophils are the cells that the Colchicine are intended for. It is actually a type of white blood cells, which acts first when there is a foreign invasion. Without these neutrophils, the inflammation and the pain due to gout will continue to occur in the joint that is affected.

How does Goutnil work on Gout?

The answer to this question is that, Goutnil works by way of disrupting the cells. Goutnil prevents the process of mitosis by mutilating the cells’ microtubules. This microtubule is actually the part of the cell that is responsible for pulling the chromosomes away during the process of mitosis or the cell division. Therefore, injuring it may translate to preventing the cell division.

As for the neutrophils, the microtubule executes an extra job. It in fact, changes its own shape in order to help the neutrophils in engulfing the foreign bodies. Shorn of this purposeful microtubule, the neutrophils are not able to attempt in combatting the uric acid. Usually, the neutrophils will just die simply in getting rid of the uric acid because it is not able to ingest it. With the help of Goutnil, the neutrophils will not be able to start the battle. And there will be no inflammation and pain to signal.

Even though the mechanism of Goutnil may seem so clever, it is actually not. As stated earlier, once you take Goutnil, it may affect random cells. This just means that it can be very disastrous for the body. Most especially if you have a bone marrow that is depressed. For example, the sperm will decrease its count, which may potentially cause erectile dysfunction and impotence. It may also bring down the immunity of the body since the white blood cells decrease in number.


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