Gouty Tophi Ear: Can This Be Real?


The ear is often referred to as a hub for tens of thousands of nerve endings. Therefore, the ears are considered to be one of the most sensitive parts of the body. In fact, they are more sensitive to pain, and various sensations like the tickling pleasure. Due to this fact, us, being human, have the instinct to protect them against danger.

Moreover, the gouty tophi, in a simple term, one of the numerous entities, which may pose threat to the ears. However, it’s also one o0f the most fear-inducing, painful, and frightening conditions.

How Do They Reach The Ear?

It’s actually hard to believe that of all the body parts, the tophi may accumulate on the ear. The ears have lots of veins in it. Furthermore, the blood vessels that creeps in there are actually veins, which aren’t larger than the blood vessels. Therefore, there’s the uric acid that might be carried by the blood flow.

In the actual fact, the problem starts with the fairly low temperature of the ear. This seemingly low temperature may result from the low blood flow, as well as in the exposure to the environment while not taking no protections from fats. Furthermore, the crystallization happens at this certain temperature. This just means that the ears are still possible to form gouty tophi.

Gouty Tophi In The Middle Ear

If you already have a knowledge about the condition, more probably, you are already aware that the gout forms in the uric acid accrued in the synovial fluids. The synovial fluids are located in between the synovial joints just like in the toes.

Even though you don’t have any limbs in the ears, the middle ear have various auditory ossicles. These are the three small bones known as the malleus, incus and stapes. These three bones are actually connected through the synovial joints.

There are tremendously rare cases of the formation of gouty tophi in this particular area. Although rare, it’s one of the most terrifying cases of gouty tophi. Just think about a lump of crystal that’s inside the most sensitive part of the body. The more terrifying things here is that it may cause deafness.

Nevertheless, there is no need to be scared. This case is very rare, most especially since there are some ways to enhance further the chance of having gouty tophi in the middle ear, just like the Calkaline, an activated mineral, which may improve the alkalinity of the water.

Gouty Tophi In The Outer Ear

If not the most, one of the most common cases of the gouty tophi is in the outer ear. The white chalky nodules that appear on the helix of the ear. They may cause a searing pain throughout or afore the gout attacks. In various cases, these particular lumps may pierce the skin and may bulge as milky white crystals.

This particular case may actually be detected even right before the lump starts to become peculiarly visible. This is since it’s very rare for the ears to be the first part of the body to suffer from the tophi. Most probably, you’re already struggling with hyperuricemia or even gout before you have developed the gouty tophi in the outer ear.

The Treatment For Gouty Tophi Ear

Whether the gouty tophi are in the situation wherein they are small lumps or protruding crystals, the tophi may be totally eradicated. Unluckily though, it’s so hard to reverse the damage that’s already done to the cartilages.

You can do this by undergoing surgery. This particular surgery, in comparison to that of the surgeries in removing the tophi in various parts of the body, is much easier because of the nature of the ear. However, infections may still take place if you undergo surgery. This may lead to more damages, which will then cost you to feel more pain.

The Gouty tophi are certainly something to be afraid of. However, once you have already started in demystifying its own nature, you’ll be able to find not only the resolve, but also the proper instruments and methods to get rid of this villain. Start your treatment now. You do not have to extend your agony and misery. Do all the best that you can in treating the condition.


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