Gout: What Is Good For It?


Once gout attacks, it will feel like you are being imprisoned for some sort of a jail. Having gout attacks on the toe? Walk a few meters and I’m sure you’ll cringe in a lingering and very unbearable pain, which can make you wish that you didn’t eat something yesterday. The worst thing, you may not be able to walk at all. In the actual fact, there is also a possibility that you will have to ask someone to go and search for something that is good for gout. Well, this is to go and look for something, which will not cause you any harm to your gouty joint. Really, what is good for gout?

One thing that we should be watchful about are the foods that we eat. Well, as what they often say, eat the wrong food and you will suffer. Thankfully, there are still foods and practices that are good for the condition. This article wishes to answer your question on what is good for gout. So sit back, relax, and enjoy reading this article. You will surely learn a lot!

The List…

In order to know what is good for gout, we must first know what will be bad for those who suffer from it. This will surely be an exhaustive list, however, the knowledge that you will be able to gain will easily deduce what will really be good for gout. Furthermore, these are practices you can do and foods you can eat using the proper strategy.

As what is advised by the doctors and gout sufferers, there is this one villain whom you have to get rid of –purine. Well, the purine is what breaks down into the uric acid so that it makes sense that you must avoid it. However, just like the super villains you see from movies, purine has its own battalion, namely the fructose, heavy physical activities, and alcohol. All of these may lead to the acceleration of the breakdown of purine and the reduction of the excretion of uric acid. This is mainly because they lead to the production of additional lactic acid that will add a burden to the kidneys. Various acidic foods may also lead to the reduction of uric acid excretion.

Gout: What is good for it?

If you are going to remove the acidic foods, as well as the foods that are rich in fructose in your diet, the list of the foods that you can eat will continue to cut short. And, if you are going to also remove all your physical activities in life, life will never be fun at all. This can make your life look as if nothing is really good for gout. Well, that’s a hoax –there is!

If you really want to satisfy your fruit craving, you may simply go and pick a fruit that has a highly alkalizing power. Just like cantaloupe, watermelon, and mangoes. This is because altering the pH levels of the urine via dietary intervention is beneficial in excreting the uric acid. This just means that an alkaline-rich food will not only be able to offset its own purine content but also help in excreting uric acid serum. This will not only avert you from any harm, but it somewhat helps you with the problem too.

Sadly, however, alcohol isn’t a good beverage for gout. This is since ethanol, on whatever amount it is, may accelerate the lactic acid production. if the 5% alcohol beer already causes a severe type of gout attacks, what more will the higher volumes do? It is for a certain that alcohol isn’t that answer for gout.

If you want to join a marathon, play various sports, or whatever physical activities you want, then go do it after the gout attack settles. However, don’t push too much of yourself. It is better to rest from time to time because the cells switch to anaerobic respiration that will then lead to the increase in the production of lactic acid and reduction on the uric acid excretion. An alkaline-rich diet may be of a great help for the uric acid and lactic acid production.

The most important thing to do is to hydrate yourself with alkaline-rich water. Aside from it helps in excreting uric acid, it also helps in replacing the mineral lost as a result of the body’s attempt to maintaining the alkaline level in the bloodstream as the anaerobic respiration produces lactic acid. One good source of alkaline water is by adding some few drops of ionic calcium to the water. This will not just give alkalinity, it’ll also give you the minerals you need.


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