Gout: Can It Vanish On Its Own, For How Long?


Gout, as an illness can be partially be blamed on the autoimmune reactions of the body, is occasionally wished to vanish by itself. If you are to ask if these autoimmune responses vanish by themselves, well yes they do! However, gout is not mainly due to these autoimmune reactions. Therefore, expect it to be much worse than the others.

This article wishes to explain how gout vanishes on its own. As well as how it comes back.


Gout is a condition that’s mainly characterized by the crooked metabolism of uric acid. This might end up in uric acid in ties and in the blood. Those who suffer from gout may either produce too many levels of uric acid. Furthermore, most frequently, their kidneys will be incapable of removing the uric acid. There are some possible consequences in the uric acid buildup in the body. This may take in kidney stones, acute and chronic gout attacks, and many more.

Furthermore, gout may be because of the extreme amount of uric acid the body takes into the bloodstreams. As well as the buildup of uric acid crystals in the body tissues. Moreover, the uric acid deposits in the joints may result in inflammation, which causes redness, swelling, heat, and pain.

The Establishment

In the beginning, there will be nothing. The knees, toes, ankle, wrists, and all the joints are free from any pain and inflammation. Then, there goes the uric acid or the byproduct of the purine breakdown. Because of its own low solubility in the human body, the uric acid may easily crystalize in our synovial joints, most especially at very low temperature.

The crystallization of the uric acid may trigger the autoimmune reactions. Just like the pain and inflammation. This is what explains the gout attacks. The gout flare-up may last for a few hours, and even a few months.

Now, we have both good and bad news. Read on to know them!

Good News

After having bad times for suffering from the condition, the good thing is that it will vanish on its own. This is mainly because the uric acid crystal will remain uninterrupted. Not unless you add a significant amount of uric acid in the confusion, the crystal may remain dormant and may not be attacked by the autoimmune system for quite some time. The question now is how long this ceasefire will last.

Bad News

Without your help in easing the pain and the inflammation, gout will surely come back.

Let’s assume that you didn’t decide to do anything about it, and you didn’t take any medications. Gout will surely come back. You know how? Well, it may be inactive for quite some time but it may get awakened anytime. Through some sudden disturbances in the levels of the uric acid, the chance of the crystals growing is much higher.

For example, if you drink beer excessively, there will be a sudden surge of uric acid. Since as we know, purine is very rich in purine. This will increase the uric acid volume, thus finding its own way through the synovial fluids on the synovial joints. This helps in increasing the possibility of some random uric acid molecules, being combined with the uric acid crystals. This is what may trigger another series of autoimmune responses thus awakening gout.

Typically, the condition may pause for a while, but it will manifest again, after quite some time. This will take a few months, or even years to appear. It is just like a bomb that awaits your wrong move. In the actual fact, even though you don’t commit a mistake by consuming lots of purine, the uric acid may still come back on its own.

Actually, the reason for this is that the uric acid crystal is still right there, the pain and the inflammation may have subsided. However, this isn’t an assurance that the uric acid crystal has already vanished for keeps. In fact, there is a larger tendency that the crystal will grow rather than it, disappearing. Aforementioned above, the uric acid has tremendously low solubility in humans. Therefore, without even a single help from you may cause the condition to not be dissolved.


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