Febuxostat For Gout: Is It Really Effective?


Medications, specifically, gout medications are so complicated in nature. One of which is the febuxostat. This is one of the most effective medicines that may be beneficial in treating gout. In the actual fact, febuxostat is believed to be better than the allopurinol. This article aims to discuss how effective febuxostat for gout is, and some other important matters about the medicine. Read on to know all of these!

Febuxostat for Gout: What is it?

The febuxostat is a pharmaceutical medication that is first developed by Japanese scientists in the year 1998. The said medication first came to market in Europe in the year 2008. And in 2009, the Takeda Pharmaceutical has obtained the approval of the Food and Drug Administration for the United States.

The febuxostat, furthermore, is a medication that helps in inhibiting the xanthine oxidase. It is also an effective drug for the reduction of uric acid in the body. just like the allopurinol, febuxostat is used in treating hyperuricemia as well as chronic gout.

Febuxostat for Gout: Advantages

As a matter of fact, febuxostat is thought to be capable of doing the job of the allopurinol, in just a 40 milligrams dosage. Since it is only that small of a dosage compared to the 100 milligrams of allopurinol, it loads the kidneys and the liver.

Furthermore, as a xanthine oxidase inhibitor, it is capable of breaking down the purine into a much simpler form. Even though allopurinol is also a xanthine oxidase inhibitor, the febuxostat is discerning and may not unintentionally bond with that of the other proteins that are not really purine.

In a research conducted just recently, they found out that those who use febuxostat for gout has reached the target levels of uric acid. Not just that, this result takes place much faster than the allopurinol. Even up to this date, the febuxostat is recommendable as a second-line medication for those who cannot use allopurinol as it causes various side effects to them.

For those who suffer from gout, as well as from renal conditions and high levels of uric acid. The febuxostat is way more effective in regularizing the levels of uric acid. Various research continues to be conducted in the long-term effects of the medicine for gout.

Febuxostat for Gout: Side Effects

The febuxostat has the potential of inflicting various minor and austere illnesses. Since it is a xanthine oxidase inhibitor, the uric acid may not get manufactured, just as the urine not getting processed into its own usable form. This may cause some further disturbances to the equilibrium of the body. this is through slowing or halting the cell reproduction process.

Here are some other side effects of febuxostat:

  • Abnormal Appetite
  • Acidic breath odor
  • Acidity in the stomach
  • Anxiety
  • Body and Breast Pain
  • Bruising
  • Change in taste
  • Changes in hair color
  • Chest Pain
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness, dullness, tiredness or weakness
  • Ear congestion
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Gum Pain
  • Hair Loss
  • Hearing Loss
  • Heart Burn
  • Hyperventilation
  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Shaking of the hands and feet
  • Skin problems like rash, redness and blistering
  • Stiff muscles and twitching
  • Stomach gas
  • The skin may become scaly or cracked
  • Throat irritation
  • Tingling Feeling
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Weakened motor functions of the bones and the muscles
  • Weight loss

All of the aforementioned side effects of febuxostat are due to the disruption of the balance of the bodily functions. For instance, the liver may get impaired if it’s being abused as it retains on recognizing the purine despite already being released lot of xanthine oxidase.

Disturbing the equilibrium of the body may cause a huge problem. If the pH level of the body gets disturbed, the uric acid may fluctuate. This may then affect the body as a whole. Furthermore, the fluctuation of the uric acid may cause acidosis all alone. This may end up causing cell destruction that may worsen the complications of uric acid as when the cells die, they release purine.

Febuxostat for Gout: How to take it?

The febuxostat is taken in the form of a tablet with water, of course. It is taken one every day with or even without any food. It is available in both 120 milligrams and 80 milligrams tablet. Your doctor may advise you to start at the 80 milligrams daily. And he will just increase the dosage if you are not able to reach the uric acid levels. The febuxostat commonly lowers the uric acid levels in just a few weeks.


Febuxostat is undeniably a good second-option medication for gout. As what I’ve said, it is just a second option. The allopurinol is still the number one recommendable medication for gout. but it is for you to decide on what medication you will take. If you are not used to drinking allopurinol, then you must choose febuxostat. This is much better than any other second-choice gout medications.


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