Chronic Gout Diet: What Is It?


Erma Bombeck once said, and I quote, “Just think of all those women on the Titanic who said, ‘No thank you’ to the desert that night. And for what?!”

Well, there’s no denying that the foods that we eat are one of nature’s greatest gifts. Aside from the fact that eating may give the strength to face the day. Well, it just really feels good to eat and eat. Who wouldn’t want to indulge a very mouthwatering delicacy? Well I guess there is no one, most especially if it’s your favorite food.

Regrettably, for some, they cannot do so. Indulging themselves may cause various health problems, and to some, a lingering pain.

This article wishes to introduce a chronic gout diet. So, read on to this article and get to know more about this type of diet.

Gout Sufferer: What Should They Avoid?

As a gout sufferer, you are most probably aware of the cause of gout. If you don’t know, well, I am talking about the uric acid.

If you are going to ask, if you must avoid those foods that are rich in uric acid. Well, I’ll be answering you frankly, that it’s a yes! There is no way that you should indulge in that kind of foods. Well, what you should be avoiding more and more are those foods that are rich in purine. Why? Well, I am thinking you already know it. The purine is where the uric acid comes from.

Supposedly, the purine is a necessity that is needed by the body. it is actually required in forming the nucleotides of the DNA and RNA cells. Nevertheless, the body doesn’t require excessive amounts of purine. This is for the reason that the purine is actually recycled from dead cells. Furthermore, the unused purine is broken down into uric acid in order to get excreted out of the body.

Examples of Foods Rich in Purine

Looking for examples of foods that are rich in purine is easy. You can search it on the net, and there, thousands and thousands of pages will appear. The sad thing here is that most of these pages have various hidden motives.

Now, here is a list of purine rich foods that has no hidden motives. Go on and remove them from the list of your chronic gout diet.

  • Yogurt
  • Rice
  • Poultry
  • Pork
  • Mushroom
  • Liver, kidney and other organ meats
  • Leafy Vegetables
  • Lamb
  • Fish

Chronic Gout Diet the Right Way

The above mentioned list of the foods that you can eat is very limited. You want to know why? Well, this is because most of the foods we eat are living things. All of the living things are made up of cells. All of the cells have purine in them! So what can you eat? Sand? Stone? Well, the good thing is, you may still eat all of the foods that are mentioned above. In control and a balanced manner.

Well, there is a secret to regaining your own freedom to eating what you really want. Nevertheless, what if the secret to averting gout attack isn’t in the food that you eat, but in the water that you drink? While this may sound weird, it is real.

Here is a detailed explanation:

The body is planned in a way that you may flush out the uric acid even with no delay. However, why do we get gout subsequent to the excessive level of uric acid? Well, this is because the liver has extra tasks. For example, the liver is in charge of the balancing process of the acidity of the body’s pH level.

When the acidity is too high, the uric acid together with the extra acids are stored temporarily in the interstitial fluids located in the tissue spaces, until they may be processed through the liver. If those spaces get full, the uric acid is then forced into some other places, just like in the synovial fluids that are between the synovial joints.

Now what if there’s no extra burden? If we are to eliminate the extra acids, there‘ll be more space for the uric acid. Hence, there’ll be more time for the liver to flush out the uric acid.

Remember this, you need to free yourself from excess acids in order to regain your freedom to eat!


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