Cherry for Gout: Is it true or just a hoax?


Medications for gout is probably the best friends of those who suffer from the condition. Without these medications, they will feel the trembling and lingering pain that it causes. But, what if you run out of medication when you badly need it the most? I guess it would be so much of a burden. Well, no worries. There are various alternative medicines that can be your shoulder to cry on. Maybe some are just in the comfort of your home. One good alternative to gout is cherry. Yes, you’ve read it right, I am talking about the tiny, little fruit that is so delicious and mouth watering.

Did you know that a glass of cherry juice tastes much better than allopurinol pill? Well, this is true by all means. As an additional bonus, you have lots and lots of choices. Black Cherry, Tart Cherry, Sweet Cherry? There are infinite choices that are all good for you! In this article, you may get the answer to the question, what is the best cherry for gout? Is there really a best cherry on it? Let’s see!

The Correlation between Cherry and Gout

The connection of gout and cherry is actually a fact. There are evidence to it, which can make you believe in the prowess of this particular fruit in relieving gout symptoms. In fact, the first ever study about the capacity of cherries in treating gout was first seen in the medical literature on the year 1950. There are also some other studies that have really proved the power of cherry for gout. One study actually suggests that those patients who eat more cherries up to about 3 servings in two straight days had lower gout attacks. They have an astounding 50% reduction rick. Furthermore, the risk for the gout attacks was reduced by approximately 75% when the use of allopurinol was added with a cherry.

Cherry for Gout: Is it really beneficial?

We have already established some facts about the benefits that cherry can provide, especially in treating gout. Here are some more reasons on why cherry for gout is essential:

Cherry is rich in Vitamin C

Undoubtedly enough, it is safe to say that cherries have ample amount of vitamin C. We know that vitamin C is very good for the health, right? This essential vitamin, in fact, helps those who suffer from gout to flush out their uric acid. Additionally, it also has lots and lots of healthy benefits. However, the anti-uric acid capacity of the vitamin C was debunked by professor Lisa Stamp. She said that it is all a hoax.

Cherry is rich in flavonoids

Flavonoids are the main weapon that cherry has, which people selling them really brags about. These flavonoids unleash scientific jargons like cyclooxygenase inhibition and anthocyanin. But, what is this flavonoid, really?

The flavonoids like anthocyanins are supposed to prevent the cyclooxygenase enzymes. These enzymes are considered to be sadistic in a sense that it sparks both inflammation and pain as its own defense mechanisms. They credit this mainly to the antioxidant properties of the cherry. However, there is no enough proof that may back that flavonoids are good antioxidants. This just means that the antioxidant properties of the cherry are not yet fully understood.

How do sufferers eat cherry for gout?

Cherry can be in various forms. It can be in pill, tart, cooked, raw, frozen, canned, and more. It may also be good when you consume it dried or juiced. If you eat about 25 cherries, you will be benefited with 10x stronger aspirin than the ordinary pain relievers. If you have gout attacks, however, you must take about 30-40 cherries each 4 hours. Cherries now also come with juices.

There might be some doubt as to whether cherry is beneficial for gout or not. This is mainly for the reason that gout is usually associated with sugars –and cherries are sweet fruits. However, professionals say that cherry is okay, for as long as you will just eat a small amount. Through this, the sugar will be much lower.

Side Effects of Cherry

Even though the effectiveness of cherry for gout may sound a bit unsure yet, we should look for the brighter side, can we? If the level of flavonoids in it are really that low, that just means that the side effects of it can be absent or lower too. However, taking too much of cherry may cause you some illnesses too, as it has lots of compounds that may impose danger to the health.


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