Chanca Piedra For Gout: Is It Really Beneficial?


Have you heard about the Chanca Piedra before? Well, I am talking about one of the most significant Ayurvedic medicine that people has been using for hundreds of years now. Is Chanca Piedra for gout really beneficial? What can it do for the condition? Read on to this article and get to know more about it!

Chanca Piedra

Chanca Piedra is scientifically known as the Phyllanthus niruri. It is a tropical plant that is commonly located in the Amazon rainforest in the country of Brazil, as well as in various coastal areas. The Chanca Piedra is one of the most significant plants in the Ayurvedic medicine, which is beneficial in treating the stomach problems. As well as the issues in the bladder, kidney, and liver.

This is what’s of interest to those who suffer from gout, as the kidney and liver health is very significant. Especially in managing the healthy levels of uric acid, which we wish to be able to avoid the gout attacks or gout flares. Furthermore, the Chanca Piedra is generally used in Peru and Brazil as the herbal remedy to bout the kidney stones. And is being characterized as the shatter stone or stonebreaker. Moreover, it is in effect in curing hepatitis, as well as jaundice.

Chanca Piedra for Gout: Studies

In one clinical study of 150 kidney stone patients over a period of six (6) months, actually showed that taking a particular extract of this herb is capable of reducing the occurrence of the formation of kidney stones to a certain extent suggestively.

In a personal study conducted in 1990 by Doctor Wolfram Wiemann, a German doctor, he treated about 100 patients who are suffering from kidney stones. And guess what, he used Chanca Piedra that comes from Peru. It is said that the Chanca Piedra that they used has a 94% success rate in the elimination of kidney stones in just one to two weeks.

In another study in 2002, they found that Chanca Piedra helped in increasing the secretion of bile on the liver. This may help with the digestion to help eliminate the waste. As well as to absorb nutrients you consume better. Therefore, Chanca Piedra may help in ridding the body of the painful kidney stones. Not just that, it may also prevent them from accumulating in the first place. Furthermore, it supports the health of the kidneys as well as the detoxification of the liver. Thus increasing the urination, which is significant for those who are suffering from gout. The more urine, the lesser the amount of body’s uric acid. This balances the liver enzymes so that you may enjoy having a healthy liver and a healthy life.

Furthermore, another study in 2010 involving Chanca Piedra and rats. It showed clearly that this particular herb has the capacity of interfering with so many stages of the formation of stone. There is a need to conduct more and more long-term studies to be able to prove these particular therapeutic claims. This may hold lots and lots of promises, which may show that Chanca Piedra may prevent and look after us contrary to the kidney stones. This is since those who suffer from gout have an increase in the risk at present.


You may consume Chanca Piedra as a supplement in capsule form as well as in tea. You can add some raw honey if you want to add a sweetness to it. however, before you take Chanca Piedra for gout, you must speak to your doctor first. This is to make sure that it does not interact with any medications that you are taking at present. Moreover, pregnant women, those who are diabetics, and those who have any bleeding conditions or newly a survivor of surgery, make certain that you speak to your doctor. This is since the Chanca Piedra may deliver you with various adverse effects.


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