Celecoxib For Gout: Can It Be Beneficial?


There are some people who claim that gout has the tendency of lasting for keeps. They even say that there are no over-the counter drugs or medicine that are guaranteed to cure it. For this very same reason, those who suffer from gout choose temporary relief from painkillers, as well as in anti-inflammatories. Who would want to live with the uric acid crystal protruding the toes? Well, they may rather live with it without experiencing pain, isn’t it? Even though pain relievers may not be the best cure, at least, it may be of a great help in managing the pain!

In this article, you will get to know more about Celecoxib for gout. Is it really a good painkiller? Is it a good anti-inflammatory? Or maybe there is something else out there that may be more beneficial in treating your gout once and for all? Read on to know!

Celecoxib for Gout: Yay or Nay?

Are you interested in relieving the pain temporarily? Most probably, your answer will be yes. Who wouldn’t want those pain to vanish even just for a little while? None, I guess. If you are one of those gout sufferers who want temporary relief for the gout attacks, then Celecoxib can be a great help for you. But, as what I’ve said, it’s just a temporary pain reliever, and not a cure for the condition.

The body weeps and shouts for help by way of making you feel the pain and inflammation. This is their own way of saying that there is something on the body parts that aren’t supposed to be there. This is where painkillers come in now –they are beneficial in removing the pain and inflammation even just for a while.

We know that removing he uric acid in the joints is something beyond our control, without having the right treating methods. Taking Celecoxib for gout may be beneficial in easing the pain and inflammation. not just that, it is also a good choice because it has much lesser side effects and much fewer incidence of adverse and fatal effects.

Celecoxib: What does it do?

If you are going to take Celecoxib, you keep your body silent by getting rid of its capacity to yield pain and inflammation. Actually, Celecoxib is a Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug or NSAID. This just means that it has a powerful analgesic, antipyretic, anti-thrombotic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is beneficial in reducing the capacity of the body in feeling the pain, inducing inflammation, fever, and clotting. It is also beneficial to take Celecoxib for gout because both the pain and inflammation can come with the condition.

In times when disturbing and damaging happens on the body, cells die and then release arachidonic acid. The arachidonic will then be converted to prostaglandins thru the cyclooxygenase enzyme. In turn, the prostaglandin will do a number of effects, just like raising the body temperature, reducing the pain threshold, and inducing inflammation. The more pain that it brings, the more that you will be aware you will be that there is a threat that exists somewhere in your body. The pain that you feel is actually a survival instinct that forces you to do something about it.

Celecoxib is capable of exhibiting tis own characteristics by way of messing up with the cyclooxygenase enzymes. Through the deformation of these enzymes, you may avoid the conversion of the arachidonic acid on the prostaglandins. Therefore, there’ll be no pain and inflammation to occur.

The disadvantage of Celecoxib for Gout

It is with no doubt that Celecoxib is truly beneficial and wonderful. This can be a great best friend for those who suffer from the condition. However, unluckily, it is not true. It also has some disadvantages. In the actual fact, the inhibition of the cox 1 may cause stomach ache and ulceration and stomach ache. The cox-2 furthermore, are also selective inhibitors in increasing the cardiovascular risks, just like thrombotic events and heart attacks because of the inhibition of the agents that reduces platelet clot.

If you really want to get rid of the pain, you can settle for Celecoxib. But always remember that it is just a temporary cure and do not have any permanent effect on the body.

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