Can Gout Really Cause Fever?


Gout may cause a lot of weird things to the body. These weird things that I am saying may range from mysterious lumps to small yellow chalky nodules, there’s no need to tell what will gout cause next. Often times, we even oversee the most common complications. For example, fever.

This article aims to answer the question, “Can gout cause fever?” Without further ado, the answer is going to be yes! Gout may cause fever. You may also ask various questions. Well, if you do, this article is the best for you. Read on it and gain more knowledge on that particular topic.

The Mechanism behind Fever

The fever may be something prickly, but it’s still something you should be thankful for. In general, discomfort is actually a part of your survival disposition. What do you do when you feel prickly? Well, you tend to try removing the source of discomfort. If you didn’t take a bath for a couple of days, you may feel dirty. Then, there’s this keenness that will drive you to remove the discomfort –  you will then be forced to take a bath and voila!

Now, can gout really cause fever? Yes! And that fever is yet another part of the body’s defense mechanisms. It will give you discomfort thus helping you to get rid of the cause of discomfort – gout! Moreover, the high temperature may cause the invading bodies to die. Despondently, the raised up temperature as well as the discomfort may do nothing against the uric acid crystal.

The Mechanism Behind Fever

Gout may cause fever. Nevertheless, it’s possible that there are some other factors that may cause the fever. It may be due to the tissues being devastated, or maybe there are some other conditions. Henceforth, you must be sure if it’s really gout and gout alone. Occasionally, it may just be septic arthritis, which is due to an infection in the joints. Where there is an infection, there are foreign bodies. Therefore, the body may trigger its own mechanisms when septic arthritis takes place. There are some other conditions, which may cause weeklong fever so you had better have a checkup with your doctor.

The body has a complicated set of mechanisms, which may trigger a series of autoimmune responses. Once the foreign bodies trigger the biological tripwires, all of these mechanisms will be released. When a particular undesirable thing happens in the body, the cells die. When the cells die, they may release a substance known as the arachidonic acid. Then and there, the arachidonic acid will get converted by the enzyme cyclooxygenase which will then be converted into a variation of prostaglandins which will then does a lot of things just like inducing the pain, inflammation, fever and making you feel more sensitive to pain.

In the case of gout, the uric acid crystal is being treated as a foreign entity and is then attacked by the neutrophils, a type of white blood cell. Gloomily, the neutrophils are not capable of doing anything about it and will just end up dying. Therefore, the arachidonic acid is being released thus calling in more and more neutrophils to die.

The fever that may come with gout means that the cells are already disappearing! On the other hand, however, there may be something else since gout rarely consequences to the holistic fever but only raised the temperature in the inflamed joint. For example, it may mean that the tissues are getting damaged by the uric acid crystal. This is more probably if the crystal in the joint is protruding already. It’s also possible that the fever is because of a Urinary tract infection. If you’re a sufferer of gout, the uric acid kidney stone formation is more possible. This stone may wound the urinary tract thus refining the chances of the infection. Where there is an infection, there will be foreign bodies. Therefore, there will be a fever.

What To Do If My Gout Has Fever?

Taking analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory medicines will be beneficial in easing gout. A good instance may be an over the counter NSAID just like aspirin. By this way, it isn’t the only gout that’s relieved but also the fever.

Take note however, that the NSAIDs may be bad for the condition in the long run, because they may stop cyclooxygenase, which isn’t only responsible for the fever, pain, and inflammation, but also for the hemodynamics maintenance of the kidney. The lesser blood will flow through and from the kidneys. Therefore, there will be lesser uric acid to be excreted.

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