Alcohol For Gout: Is It Safe For The Condition?


In this article, you will get to know more about the effects of alcohol for gout. Is it okay to drink of this beverage while suffering from gout, or it is the other way around? Read on to this article and you’ll get to know the answer.

There is no doubt that various alcoholic beverages are very popular everywhere you go. The sweet, delicious smell of alcohol is to die for, for some people. We are often told that the consumption of this drink is not good for the health. However, there are still some who love drinking it. This is what gout sufferers should avoid. Gout may cause gout attacks and gout formation too.

Alcohol for Gout: Why does it cause so many flare-ups?

As we know, gout is the crystallization of uric acid in the joints. Furthermore, it is a condition that is mainly characterized by the obstructed metabolism of uric acid. This may result to the accumulation of uric acid in the bloodstream.

Those who are suffering the condition may yield excessive levels of uric acid. Moreover, most often than not, the kidneys will be unable to remove this excessive amount of uric acid. There are various possible consecution in the buildup of uric acid in the body. This may take in kidney stones, acute and chronic gout flare-ups, and so much more.

In the event that the uric acid crystallizes, the body will launch various autoimmune responses. This is since it identifies the uric acid crystal is a foreign object. Thus, the pain is the main source of uric acid, which may then cause gout attacks.

Even though this is the case, there is no doubt that the body also needs purine. However, not in an excessive amount. This is the reason why when you take excessive amount of purine, the excess will accumulate in the joints, thus causing gout attack. In addition, purine shouldn’t be eradicated in its normal form. Therefore, it should be broken down first, thus, almost all of the purine in the beer needs to be broken down into uric acid.

All of the aforementioned facts may take place if you take lots and lots of purine, which is rich in alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol for Gout: Studies

One study that focuses on the effects of alcohol on gout patients suggests that those who drink alcohol more excessively are those who suffer from gout. This is a bad thing, since when having a gout, alcohol must be avoided.

Furthermore, another study regarding the same topic states that alcohol have the capacity to alter the risks for gout. This is through the apolipoprotein and glucose metabolism. They found out that the consumption of alcohol may casually contribute to the onset of gout through the said metabolism.

Alcohol for Gout: The seed

For example, you stop drinking alcohol. The result will be, the  uric acid will not really fluctuate. Unfortunately, the tophaceous deposit will not easily lose its size, same with its volume. The reason for this is that the uric acid has a very low solubility rate in the body. Meaning, it’ll most probably to nit dissolve on its own.

Furthermore, the situation may get worse through its own exponential growth. First, there’s a very small chance of developing uric acid crystal. Because the uric acid will not usually end up in the synovial fluids of the joints. Unfortunately, the uric acid may end up being unto the synovial fluids if you got excessive uric acid and some other acids on the body.

Moreover, the real reason behind this is that the pH levels of the bloodstream must be balanced. As excessive amounts of acids in the body may actually upset this particular balance, there is a need to cope up. This is by way of temporarily storing the acids that aren’t excreted in the interstitial space. And eventually, in the synovial fluids.

This will be beneficial in improving the chance of developing uric acid crystal. Finally, when the volume reaches the saturation point, the seed crystal may then form. A small single seed uric  acid crystal has a small chance of growing. This is because the chance of colliding with the other uric acid molecule randomly is very small.

Alcohol for Gout: Conclusion

The consumption of alcohol is not good for the health. Not just that, it is also not good to take it if you are suffering from gout. As what I’ve said earlier, it is oozing with purine. It is better to avoid the consumption of it, than to face the consequences.


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